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Hawkers Says Goodbye to Summer with a 3x1 Offer

The summer of 2020 will be hard to forget. This year the summer period has been atypical because of the Coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the entire planet. The tourism sector is among the most negatively affected industries in the United Kingdom. This has been primarily witnessed at an international level. According to the Office for National Statistics, only 1.4 million people visited in March 2020, a 54% drop year-on-year. The inbound visitors during this month spent 780 million pounds, a 58% decrease from March 2019. Empty hotels and deserted beaches were the order of the day. The once busy airports across the cities turned into ghost towns and the industry ground to a halt.

While tourism has been affected tremendously by Covid-19, eCommerce has received positive outcomes. Digital consumption has increased significantly in 2020. This trend can be attributed to the nationwide cessation of movement imposed by the government. Based on a McKinley & Company survey, more UK adults anticipate that their digital shopping will increase or stay the same after the pandemic compared to those who believe the habit will drop. eCommerce has been reinforced by the situation, although online retailers have also been forced to sharpen their wits to survive the pandemic. Some companies have not stopped advertising special offers and promotions to attract consumers along with the added possibilities offered by the digital world.

One of the most interesting promotions is the 3x1 from Hawkers, the leading company in sunglasses. Thanks to the exclusive code CLOSED, consumers can get a three for the price of one on all the sunglasses in Hawkers' online catalogue at their website www.hawkersco.co.uk. Even the special and premium editions that are not usually included in promotions. In fact, this offer includes great exclusive and unique models such as the Hawkers Alex Rins 42 sunglasses (£31.67), designed together with the MotoGP rider with the greatest projection in motorcycling, or the La Louve model (£54.29) from Paula Echevarría's collection, inspired by the chameleon-like character of the actress. Free shipping across the whole country is also included.

Hawkers closes the summer campaign and says goodbye in style with a 3x1 promotion never seen before. The company from Elche shakes up the business of sunglasses with this promotion that will cheer up consumers, who will be able to take up to three sunglasses and pay for only one. Furthermore, it should be remembered that although sunglasses are associated with summer, it is also very important to protect the eyes from solar radiation in the autumn-winter season. The Spanish brand based in Elche has the latest international trends in sunglasses for both men and women. Some special and exclusive models are now more affordable than ever with this new 3x1 campaign, so do not forget to enter the code CLOSED at checkout.

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