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In Conversation with Paul Adrian of MOJO Hair

Mojo Skin & Haircare is a made in Britain premium hair styling and grooming range for men which combines pro-salon product performance with a luxury fragrance. The brand offers premium products at an affordable price, and are sold in over 3,000 stores across the world including the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The Mojo range consists of four hero hair styling products: Styling Cream, Defining Paste, Fibre Shaper, and Moulding Clay. In addition to this, there is a Shampoo, Conditioner and Beard Oil. Andrew Gerrie, co-founder of LUSH was an early investor in the company, and Mojo won the 2016 Great British Design Award and featured in the government’s UK Trade & Industry global programme.

In a recent episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast we interviewed Mojo Skin & Haircare Founder Paul Adrian about the history of his men's grooming brand which he started after spotting a gap in the market for a fragranced premium professional salon product. He wanted to create a brand that encapsulated everything he loved such as music, motorcycles, guitars, cigars and retro style, which is reflected in the black and gold packaging. Our host Peter Brooker and Paul also chatted about how to create a great challenger brand, the importance of branding for marketing, how to present samples to retailers, and financing large production orders.

Photo: Dappertude
Photo: Dappertude

“Mojo hair is a premium men's grooming and salon styling range, which I launched back in 2015. Previously my career had been in advertising, and I was a Director at King of Shaves. I wanted to create a brand that encapsulated everything that I loved, and I'm passionate about music, Triumph Motorcycles, fashion design, retro 60s guitars, and Monte Cristo cigars. And from my advertising background, when I'm looking at brands and how they work, and how to get them to be memorable, they've got to have a short, punchy, sharp name. So, I just started to write names down at random, and liked Mojo because it goes back to my love of jazz records and New Orleans music. I spotted a gap in the in the market for a premium men's range, but targeting supermarkets such as Waitrose and Sainsbury's because there were no premium products there. I decided I was going to make a pro salon product and add some magic to it - which is fragrance - because most men's hair products at the time, and also now, don't actually smell that nice. In fact, they stink. I got in touch with a fragrance company based in Hertfordshire and they created scents based upon the ten bestselling scents around the world. Whether it's toothpaste or a hair product, it's got to be a great product, then after that, you've got to have great branding.”

This is a shortened transcribed edit of episode 91 of the MenswearStyle Podcast with Paul Adrian, Founder of mojo-style.com. You can listen to the full version below or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast player.

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