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Hair Loss Solutions Passionately Backed by Jamie Laing

A TV reality star, the founder of Candy Kittens and a successful entrepreneur, Jamie Laing is the latest man to discover that Sons treatment plans really do work. As an outspoken and candid celebrity, Jamie has openly discussed his hair loss journey in public, in contrast to many men struggling to open up about their issues with hair loss. In order to help men combatting hair loss, Jamie decided to invest in Sons and stamp out those harmful taboos. The message is clear - whether it’s the first signs, the later stages or maintaining growth post-transplant, Sons have found the solution.

With 6.5 million men in the UK struggling with the detrimental mental effects of hair loss, many are confused, overwhelmed and unfortunately, put off by the huge amount of contradicting information on the subject. Add that to the often-expensive treatment, many struggle to even discuss their fears regarding hair loss with their friends and family. Sons want to break these barriers and shatter the taboos in order to have an open and honest space for men to discuss their hair loss. For Sons, this is a big deal. Jamie hopes that his open approach to hair loss will encourage the millions of men currently suffering with this issue to recognise that it’s important to talk about it.

Sons itself is the result of these honest conversations. Over a couple of drinks in the pub, Sons founders Will Kennedy and Adrian Gilbane decided that enough was enough. Working alongside expert physicians, pharmacists and scientists, they've managed to design a clinical plan that displays clear and extraordinary results. Over 90% of men, Jamie included, have benefited from the incredible treatment plan Sons have crafted. The treatment plan is affordable, effective and completely comprehensible, offering up a zero-fuss experience. To start things off, there is an online consultation process with a physician. This only takes a few minutes before a tailored plan is created. It’s worth bearing in mind that no two men are the same, so why should their treatments be? For ease of mind, the treatment products are sent in muted packaging straight to your doorstep. For about half the amount of a standard gym membership, Sons have managed to build a truly unique treatment plan that’s affordable, comprehensible and extraordinarily effective.

Regarding his experiences, Jamie has said: “Like most men, I have had the worries and stresses of losing your hair. I’ve always been fascinated with a solution. Having found Sons, seen the way they work as a business and realised how amazing their products are, I knew I wanted become part of the business.” It’s not a secret how dedicated Sons are to fuelling the discussion between men regarding hair loss. That’s why Sons have committed to donating a portion of sales to the charity CALM. 


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