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Moon Boot: The Best Snow Boots for the Mountains & City

One inspiration, many years of experiences, and a continuous drive for innovation – the recipe for Moon Boot being the best snow boot brand is pretty straightforward. It was back in the early 1970s when after watching the mesmerising moon landing, Giancarlo Zanatta sat down with his sketchbook and started drawing out a pair of unique après-ski boots. His inspiration was drawn from the boots worn by the first men on the moon surface. Obviously, in the aftermath of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the snow boots didn’t take long to turn into a cultural phenomenon.

In the early 2000s, Moon Boots resurfaced again as a retro-futuristic fad for the new millennium. The brand still remains unconditionally Italian; with everything from quality to innovation in design and materials, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship of the Made in Italy tradition. Thanks to their years of experience and passions for innovation, Moon Boots continues to find new ways to enchant their customers. Thanks to such dedications and efforts, Moon Boot now offers different solutions for the mountains and the city; all the while maintaining their identity and uniqueness.

The Classic Line of Moon Boots for the Mountains 

Although they have been around for decades, the classic line of Moon Boots remains highly popular and trendy at the same time. Thanks to their use of the finest quality materials, the boots are unrivalled in terms of high-performance snow boots. The nylon or synthetic leather upper, coupled with polyester lining and comfy, rubber soles; classic Moon Boots are a delight to walk on in extreme snow conditions such as in the mountains and in any other rural areas. There are also two different collections of the classic line. The classic Icon line is the most vintage and most rugged; while the classic fashion line is made to offer performance use with a touch of style. The later collection is where you would get a pair made using calfskin suede and natural sheepskin details.

The Urban Line of Moon Boots for the City 

While the classic line of Moon Boots can be a testament to style and performance, urban residents may find them a tad excessive for their metropolitan environment. After all, it’s not as wet and cold in the city as it is in the rural areas during the snow season. Therefore, Moon Boot decided to offer their customer an urban line of boots that are unmistakably Moon Boots but are less bulky. This contemporary line is characterised by their choice of breathable materials, lower cuts, and their use of fluorescent and metallic hues. Perfect for city life, they can also withstand some harsher weather conditions. Finally, Moon Boots are now available for people of any age and backgrounds – men, women, teenagers, skiers, climbers, and children. You can easily buy them online by visiting moonboot.com.

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