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Luxury Eyewear Retailer Lavunett Improving Vision Inequality

In a modern world that still has health inequality issues, it’s often the case that vision is not at the forefront of public concern. In 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO) published its first report on vision highlighting that one billion people had a vision impairment that would have been preventable or was yet to be addressed due to limited or no access to optometry care. Latest figures show that an estimated 2.5 billion people are now in this position of health inequality worldwide.

Lavunett, a retailer of handcrafted high-quality designer glasses and sunglasses based in Paris had this issue in their sights when forming. Lavunett made it a company priority to pledge to distribute one pair of prescription glasses to someone in need for every pair sold. The Buy One, Give One programme partners with RestoringVision to provide glasses to impoverished communities who have helped over 16 million people see clearly in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Erdem Kemal Bulut, President of Lavunett commented; "When Lavunett was in its early formation stage it was important to me and the team to ensure our company ethics championed sustainability. It was vital to me that Lavunett had to contribute to those in need of eye care that otherwise wouldn’t be able to receive it. We are talking about 2.5 billion people suffering from impaired and uncorrected vision not having access to a technology that’s 700 years old, it’s a worldwide health crisis that’s simply being ignored for the most part." 

The luxury eyewear retailer has also proactively solved the issue of people’s different eye for design and finding one that suits their style, sending customers their four favourite pairs of glasses from its online selection to try on at home. Once a favourite pair is chosen the customer simply returns the glasses and has the option to order with their prescription requirements, Lavunett covers postage and returns in the UK and across Europe.

With the issue of style and self-confidence playing an important aspect in selecting glasses in a commercial store, Lavunett’s innovative approach of allowing potential customers to try on different designs in the comfort of their own home is bound to be a success. The company’s offering of quality handcrafted frames designed in the most fashion-conscious capital in the world and the desire to impact change to help those in need, will no doubt see the start-up make waves and demand change in the optometry industry to ensure the sector becomes more socially conscious to issues of visual impairment and poverty worldwide. Customers that head to the Lavunett website can take advantage of their four frames for free offer which allows you to choose four different frame designs and keep them to try on at home for 4 days with free returns and shipping on any orders. 

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