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In Conversation with Kristian Lorenzon of Heist

Heist is a men's brand that challenges grooming conventions with tailored hair and grooming products for today's man. The idea came from the simple question of 'why were there no hair dryers for men?' Co-Founder Kristian Lorenzon decided it was time to put an end to sheepishly sharing. With no suitable answer on the market, they decided to develop their own. Established in London, they've set out to equip men with hair tools, products and tricks created just for them. They firmly believe that a quality hair dryer is the basis of a great hairstyle. The brand's hair dryer has been designed to give guys the power, control and confidence they need to achieve any hair style.

In a recent episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast we interviewed Heist Co-Founder Kristian Lorenzon about how the brand was first thought up with his wife. They were both at Coachella Festival when they realised many guys were using their girlfriends' hairdryers. Using their savings, they decided to start up a company aimed at men. The Heist hairdryer, along with a masculine design, has a longer cord and delivers 80 mph of power enabling the user to dry hair at a lower heat to protect hair follicles. Our host Peter Brooker and Kristian also talked about gaining market research from barbers, how men use hair dryers differently, using strategic partnerships for growth, how they're working with social media influencers, and future global expansion plans.

“Heist is a men's grooming brand which I co-founded with my wife, Rachel, a couple of years ago. It's a brand that we built to challenge a really established market in terms of men's grooming, and specifically, men's grooming electronics. And so, our core main feature product is a hairdryer kit designed for men. We found that hair dryers come in funky coloured boxes and feature ladies on the front. There was nothing available aimed at men or anything that appealed to them or showed them how to use it either. So, we established Heist to change that. The name itself is intrinsic to what we are. The actual five letter word equals height and style. It's not just about the actual hairdryer, it's about the full kit that you receive as a customer. You get a matte finished 2200-watt hairdryer, which is 80 miles per hour, delivering great drying potential. What that means for the user is you don’t need to rely on heat, you can actually just rely on the air pressure to dry the hair which is really important when it comes to protecting your hair health. There is also a brush which enables you to really style the hair and achieve the kind of style that you can only usually achieve at a barber shop. After feedback, we decided to give the hair dryer a long 2.5 metre cord. There’s also a patented precision grip because most guys prefer to hold the hairdryer from the barrel rather than the handle. You can achieve extra control and a precision hairstyle style as a result.”

This is a shortened transcribed edit of episode 95 of the MenswearStyle Podcast with Kristian Lorenzon, Co-Founder of heistof.london. You can listen to the full version below or listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast player.

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