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How To Get More Energy In The Morning

Once the alarm starts to ring in the morning, many of us dread the idea of starting the day. We may not feel prepared to leave bed because our bodies don’t feel like they had proper rest through the night. Don’t worry! You don’t need to rely on several cups of coffee to get more energy in the morning. You can start incorporating some tricks into your morning routine that will help you regain that extra boost you need. Keep reading to find out how to up your energy levels and keep them stable throughout the day.

Drink Water 

A refreshing glass of water can help you fight off morning fatigue, especially since dehydration is thought to be one of the causes behind your lack of energy upon waking up. Either leave a glass of water on your bedside table or get up and serve yourself one; water helps you stimulate your digestive system and enables you to stay fully alert throughout the day. You can mix things up by drinking lemon water and adding some ice to energise your body further. To stay hydrated, always have a bottle of water at hand throughout the day too.

Don’t Snooze The Alarm! 

As tempting as it may seem, you should never try to stay in bed after your alarm has rung. Not only are you risking being late for work, but your brain will enter another sleep cycle. What happens if you’re yanked away from your pleasant dreams by the alarm again? Your attention span and reduced cognitive ability will take a toll on your alertness, not to mention how grumpy you will feel. A better solution is to set two alarms to allow your body to wake up properly. The first one should be 90 minutes before you want to get out of bed— that way, in theory, you won’t be disturbed by your alarm in the middle of a sleep cycle. Get out of bed immediately and start the day the right away. 

Eat A Good Breakfast 

If you’re the type of person that likes to skip breakfast because you “don’t have time for it,” you may want to reconsider that. Choosing the right food to start the day can significantly impact your performance throughout the day. You can select foods that naturally fight off fatigue, like whole grains, nuts, and low-sugar fruits. Even if you’re in a hurry, you should always carry a snack with nuts to munch on while working to keep you satiated until lunch. Instead of relying on coffee to snap out of your sleepy state, why not try a cup of matcha tea? It’s the perfect addition to your diet if you’re aiming for a healthy lifestyle thanks to its energy-boosting properties; it’s also considered a great calorie burner and an antioxidant bomb. Your body needs fuel to function, and depriving it of food is the worst idea if your goal is to get more energy.

Morning Exercise 

While you’re going through a regular sleep cycle, your body falls into a state of total paralysis to avoid reenacting any scenario your mind is visualising in its dreams. There’s a reason why stretching after waking up feels so good, after all! If you want to feel more energetic in the morning, one of the best solutions is to exercise for at least 25 minutes to stave off the lethargy that naturally results from having an almost-still body for upwards of 7 hours in your sleep. You can choose whatever suits your lifestyle best, but yoga is the perfect combination for stretching and strengthening your muscles if you don’t know where to start. 

Cold Shower 

Before you skip this step, hear us out! Even a splash of cold water to your face will help you fully wake up, and there are many health benefits associated with showering with cold water. For starters, the initial shock from the low temperature immediately increases your alertness, heart rate, and oxygen intake. Cold showers also help increase blood circulation, calm itchy skin, and help you have better-looking hair and skin. Alternatively, you can try rinsing off soap and shampoo by progressively cooling down the water’s temperature to achieve similar results. 

If you can start off the day by following any or all of these tips, you’ll gradually see some changes in your energy levels. Once you adapt to your new routine, it won’t take long until you’re able to fall asleep and wake up at the same time each day. Keep in mind that having healthy sleepy patterns is crucial for good performance, and you should always thrive to keep a balance between giving your body enough rest and fueling it with the right nutrients and supplements.

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