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Must-Buy Workout Equipment for 2021

During the recent year, a great bulk of fitness buffs have been forced to cancel their gym memberships and switch to online fitness sessions with their personal trainers. While exercising at home comes with certain challenges, the key to success is creating a productive environment as close to what you have at your local gym as possible. The latter can’t be reached without the right workout equipment able to cater directly to your individual fitness level and needs. Despite what you may think, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on all conceivable and inconceivable gear you run into while exploring the internet. Quite on the contrary, with a home gym (and its lack of space), the most important thing is to carefully select the items you really need and will regularly use. Check out our list of top six workout equipment below:

Functional Trainers 

The most advanced gym trainers are really spicy-pricey. However, if you are looking for a kind of all-in-one solution that guarantees a full-body workout, a functional trainer is your sure bet. Always opt for a model that provides for greater flexibility within your budget, so set aside enough time to study the availability and diversity of designs.


Portable Barres 

No one would argue the effectiveness of a barre workout but fitting a ballet barre into an average house or apartment... is that even possible? Lucky for all you Barre enthusiasts, the answer is yes, and today the market offers a wide choice of ballet barres suitable for home – portable, lightweight, and easy to set up and pack away once you’re done. Plus, they are really inexpensive and definitely won’t break your budget. 


Running and walking are some of the most popular forms of exercise, hence its no wonder many people want treadmills in their home gyms. Indeed, apart from being an extremely useful piece of equipment that offers a lengthy and quality workout whatever the weather conditions, it is also pretty compact and doesn’t take up too much space. Just a heads up, don’t be attracted by the low prices of some models because if you are looking for a quality product that will last, you need a powerful motor, a wide choice of speeds, and of course, a range of weights and impact suspension to suit your needs.



No doubt, stair-steppers alone can’t serve as the equipment for a full-body workout but they are great additional tools for those who are too lazy to use the stairs. Jokes aside, with a stair-stepper in your home gym, you get an effective yet low-impact exercise, which is especially useful if you aim to lose weight and tone your muscles at the same time. While these platforms are generally suitable for everyone, people who have knee problems or other joint health constraints should avoid them and look for other options. 

Stationary Bicycles 

Another favourite that can be found in many homes. A stationary bicycle offers an excellent cardiovascular workout that doesn’t seek a lot of effort or strong physical condition. Rest assured, it will serve great for your needs regardless of your age and fitness level thanks to an array of adjustable settings. Give preference to a model with the most comfortable seat (as a rule of thumb, this is usually the one that can be easily adjusted) and a wide range of speeds. Also, some stationary bicycles can be too noisy, therefore do not forget to check this significant element when shopping for this type of workout equipment.


Rowing Machines 

As incredible as it may seem, rowing machines are not just for professional rowers who have to maintain their form off-season. Many fitness buffs use them to take advantage of a full-body workout with a strong focus on the simultaneous exercise of the back, arms, and legs. While it’s certainly not the first thing you want to buy for your home gym, consider getting it as an extra piece if you have enough room. Setting up your home gym doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive or overwhelming. While you might not be able to afford to buy the most advanced professional equipment, the point is that in the majority of cases, you simply don’t need it. Just set your preferences and try to get more bang for your bucks.

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