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Budget-Friendly Engagement Ring Ideas

Are you hoping to pop the question in the near future? Congratulations are in order if this is the case. Of course, there are many issues to take into account when choosing the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. Variables such as the type of setting, the band style, the precious metals employed, and the type of diamond are all critical. What if you are grappling with a tight budget? Is it still possible to purchase a quality ring without breaking the proverbial bank? You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are many strategies to employ. Let's look at some financially-friendly suggestions so that you will be able to make a cost-effective choice.

Shape Versus Cut 

It's a common mistake to believe that the shape and cut of a diamond are referring to the same concept. Here are the surprising differences: 

- The shape of a stone refers to its silhouette. 

- The cut is how the facets of the diamond have been arranged. 

Why is this disparity important? This mainly arises from the fact that different shapes can dramatically impact the overall price of the stone. For instance, choosing a pear-shaped diamond over a traditional round brilliant cut of the same clarity may save you as much as than 30 percent. So, be sure to take the shape of the stone into account.


It should be obvious that flawless stones are worth much more than those which contain inclusions (imperfections). The top two grades are internally flawless (IF) and flawless (FL). What if you cannot afford such examples of perfection? Most experts recommend that you find diamonds with a slightly lower grade. This is a wise choice, as the majority of internal flaws will not be visible unless they are placed under magnification. However, you have an additional option. Let's imagine for a moment that you have purchased a diamond which has a few external flaws. The best way to address these concerns is to choose a ring setting that is able to mask their appearance. Bezel or half-bezel settings are two common examples to consider. Feel free to speak with a jeweller in order to discover other targeted solutions.

Carat Weight 

Many buyers are overly concerned with carat weight; believing that this is the most crucial factor when determining price. However, carat weight is not always the same as size. The size is determined by physical dimensions while the carat is the physical weight of the stone. The two most common weights are half carats and full carats. It is a good idea to stay just below either of these thresholds, as prices rise immediately after passing such barriers. Finally, those who wish to save even more money should always make it a point to find diamonds online through the use of quality suppliers. These portals offer a wide range of options and there are many times when the associated prices can be significantly lower when compared to obtaining the services of a private dealer.


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