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Mutt Motorcycles Leave It All Behind

After the last 12 months, we all need a release. Something not only to look forward to, but a way of relieving all that anxiety and embracing freedom again. We all crave being able to move, explore and travel so Mutt Motorcycles are taking the positive and bold move of inviting you to ‘Leave It All Behind’. And in the position, we all find ourselves, it would be hard to resist. Mutt is here to show the world how motorcycling offers an opportunity for adventure, freedom, and great times with good friends. The freedom to move, to escape the city, meet with people and see new places. In a more esoteric sense, it offers a release from everyday problems and a sense of community and togetherness.

Mutt has demonstrated how you can literally get out the roadmap and plan your escape to freedom by documenting three adventurers doing just that on the latest Mutt Motorcycles models: The FSR, Akita and Razorback. So imagine yourself hopping on a custom-made retro Mutt this spring and leaving it all behind! As the film depicts, you could start your journey hooking up with friends where you’ll exit the city at full tilt to discover the beautiful roaming countryside without a care in the world.

As you cut through meandering fields and twisting country roads with the powerful fresh freeze revitalising your soul - you reach the wilds of the rugged British coastline truly energised. Did you leave it all behind? You most certainly did. This is the Mutt way. As you can probably tell - the Mutt way is not like other motorcycle brands. From day one they have been industry-disturbing and they’re dragging those disturbed along with them on the back of their baddest small cc two-wheelers on the market. Mutt pride themselves on originality and being ‘different’ in the best possible ways. Making bikes increasingly accessible to male and importantly female riders who don’t have big budgets (new bikes start at just £3,395) helps Mutt get those beautiful machines out on the road. By applying that same quality of build and signature style to small 125cc and 250cc bikes that suit everything from bustling city streets to wide-open spaces, a custom-made Mutt is able to tick boxes for style, substance and affordability before it’s even tasted the world outside Mutt HQ in Birmingham.

Bikes at Mutt are created in a way not too far detached from how bikes were built in Birmingham in the early days of BSA, Triumph, Enfield and New Imperial. There’s a genuine obsession with attention to detail as every last inch of a Mutt needs to be perfect before it gets sent out onto the showroom floor. With custom bikes being the current in thing, getting to know customers and what suits their needs best is an essential part of the creation process to make sure they’re riding away on something that fits them to a tee. Cultures among riders, while steeped in rich traditions, are continually changing and Mutt are here to embrace that in their own modern way. They’ve even launched their own lifestyle magazine MMM (Mutt Moto Magazine) and you can check their first issue online here. Oh, and the soundtrack to the film below was written and produced completely in-house.

From rugged beginnings in a (now defunct) abattoir in Digbeth, Mutt has developed into a global brand with Australia, France, Spain, Portugal, Korea, Italy, Japan and many other countries all going Mutt mad! Customers from all over the world from all kinds of backgrounds are getting a taste for life in the saddle thanks to Mutt. When it comes to famous Mutt owners, there’s no shortage of familiar names - Tom Hardy, James May, Paul Anderson (Peaky Blinders), Reggie Yates and Skin from Skunk Anansie, to name but a few - who’ve found their love for life on two wheels when sat atop a Mutt. After the year you’ve had, are you ready to leave it all behind? Mutt Motorcycles might just be the helping hand (or two wheels) you need. 



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