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Wilsons Workwear: Keeping Tradesmen Kitted Out

Wilsons Workwear began operation in April 2020 and has quickly grown into one of the most preferred workwear industries in the UK. Wilsons Workwear opened its first shop in Kilmarnock in July 2020 and the business has been successful ever since. Wilsons Workwear is comfortable, practical, and functional. Trade outfits should be fashionable and wearable with some substratum of individuality. The days of workwear being used only for storing tools and protection from dirt are gone. Fashion in the job has become a thing in the recent past and Wilsons Workwear’s collection fulfills this reality. Wilsons Workwear provides diverse requirements and applications to get the job done. These collections are made from high-quality features and materials. There are extra flexible materials made from stretchable fabric and canvas material. Most of the workwear has a complicated pocket feature and an intentionally reduced look. Most of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and protective clothing for the industry are found here.

How to find the right workwear

The most important factor in protective workwear is a proper fit. Comfort and design are crucial in selecting a perfect fit. Wilsons Workwear has a varied selection of sizes for the right fit for everyone in the team. Professional work clothes are designed to the perfect detail. A functional pocket design is suitable for work trousers. Each trade has its ethics, and a unique application needs special features. Zipped keep safe pockets, hammer loops, pockets for mobile phones, ruler pockets, and kneepad pockets features must be carefully planned and arranged. The pockets in a carpenters’ workwear must prevent wood chips from getting in. In the automobile and assembly industries, the apparel is designed to be protected from scratches by exposed fasteners. Wilsons Workwear focuses mostly on pocket features. The features, size, position, and pocket arrangement have been designed in conjunction with different trade customers in mind.


Wilsons Workwear offers a variety of jackets depending on the nature of the tradesman's work. They stock different brands like Dickies and Caterpillar who offer hardcore workwear jackets. These jackets have been made from different materials suitable for different environmental conditions. Industries that need durable and tough clothes need jackets made from traditional cotton duck. A common jacket is the highly visible Dickies Hi-Vis Hoodie. It guarantees safety in dark working conditions. It comes with a knitted cuff and hem, a kangaroo pocket, and an adjustable hood. When selecting a jacket you should lookout for comfort, price, features, style, and the need for different types of jobs. You should choose jackets that fit the weather conditions such as windy, sunny, rainy, freezing, and damp conditions. 

T-Shirts & Polo Shirts

The Polo shirts at Wilsons Workwear are sourced from industry-leading brands in the Work Polo market. These products are suitable for both leisure and the work environment. If you wish to work whist wearing a polo shirt you can be assured of breathability, comfort, and flexibility. The Dickies 22 Lucas T-shirt is worth checking out. It is stylish and makes you look fashionable in the workplace. This crew-neck slim-fit t-shirt has the Dickies logo on the chest area and is 100% cotton. In-stock is some of the leading brands in the market like Caterpillar, men's and women's Dickies polo shirts, Apache, among others. Some of these shirts use anti-odour technology which is beneficial if you are working on demanding tasks.


It is very important to put on the best workwear trousers for the job. It is vital to wear the correct workwear trousers for a particular task that is well equipped and comfortable to enable you to finish the task safely. Wilsons Workwear deals with reputable brands like TuffStuff, Dickies, Fort, Caterpillar, OX, and many others. Looking for a workwear trouser without breaking the bank? The Dickies Redhawk Pro Trouser is lightweight and comes with useful multiple pockets like the holster pockets for maximum storage. It has zip and button fastening, hammer loop, and back pockets as well. 

Hi-Vis Workwear 

Hi-Vis (high visibility) clothing is available at Wilsons Workwear. Being visible during work along the UK’s busy roads should be the priority of any construction company. Visibility is crucial whether a job is being carried out at night or during the day, especially during bad weather conditions. It prevents accidents and avoidable deaths. Check out the Dickies Hi-Vis Beanie Hat which will keep you warm and also ensure your safety in dark working conditions. It enables you to be seen in these tough conditions and will go a long way in saving your life. Among the hi-vis items available at Wilsons Workwear, you'll find hi-vis gloves, hi-vis waterproofs, hi-vis overalls, hi-vis jackets, hi-vis tops, hi-vis trousers, and hi-vis accessories.


Wilsons Workwear is aware that certain jobs are done in unpleasant environments. Professional workers need to keep warm and dry while working. Their waterproofs offering can withstand the toughest working conditions. These garments are durable and comfortable. Customers can choose from waterproof jackets, waterproof overalls, waterproof trousers, and waterproof tops. They're equipped with wind-resistant technology helping to maintain warmth when temperatures outside drop. Top brands such as Yoko, Dickies, Click, Fort, and many more are available. The Dickies Hi-Vis waterproof Softshell Jacket has got internal hem adjuster and breathability of 800mvp. It is made from 100% polyester with highly visible reflective tape. 

Safety Footwear 

Protecting your feet during work is essential and averts unnecessary costs caused by injuries. Wilsons Workwear ensures that your feet are protected without compromising on style and comfort. The available footwear collection includes anti-slip, shock absorbent, anti-static, chemical and oil resistance, waterproof, and water-repellent features. Available are different ranges of rigger boots, safety shoes, safety trainers, safety shoes, catering shoes, and composite safety footwear. Check put the CAT Gravel S3 Safety Boots suitable for indoor and lightweight environments. It's a comfortable shoe to wear thanks to the SRX outsole and the PU midsole.


Wilsons Workwear is aware that you require other accessories to be better equipped for the job that you intend to do. The important accessories from Caterpillar, Dickies, Fort, Yoko, and other amazing brands will make a difference that is important as far as performing a task is concerned. The Scruffs Falcon Safety Specs Anti Fog Lens is lightweight and replaces heavy goggles. They are made from a 100% polycarbonate frame with TPE. Also, check out the knee protectors, belts, gloves, knee pads, peak knitted hats, and worker socks that are designed to make you comfortable while doing what you do best. These essentials offer long-term protection and ensure that your health remains the priority while engaging in your DIY activities.

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