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Top Wardrobe Pieces for Regular Travellers

With borders opening back up it’s soon time for regular travellers to head out into the world again. If regular flights, frequent time spent at airports and hotels are on your horizon; however, use this time to upgrade your travel essentials. High-quality wardrobe pieces and travel essentials make such a massive difference to your overall experience.

Your Travel Gear 

Whatever your budget, investing and spending time finding the perfect pieces to improve your travelling experience is an absolute must. Travel gear includes your suitcase, luggage tag, passport wallet, carry-on bag, and even document folder. High-quality materials will last you a lifetime and will also keep everything you need in order. The bags, in particular, are very important, as there are very specific dimensions that you need your bag to fit within. Your carry-on has a limit, even if it ends up getting checked in due to overcrowding. Check out a travel packing checklist such as this one from CashLady to ensure you don’t forget anything. 

Your On-The-Go Gear 

On-the-go gear includes things like your sunglasses, your electronics, your water bottle, and even your toiletries. These are items that you will take with you, sometimes every day while you are on the ground. High-quality sunglasses are must, good headphones and other electronics will keep you entertained, and toiletries like sunscreen, anti-bacterial gel, and even your toothbrush (it is important to brush your teeth after every meal) are a must.

Your Clothes 

The clothes you bring need to be suited to the weather you are travelling to, and they need to be comfortable for what you intend to be doing. This ranges from a city business break to spending time out in the outdoors. However, there are a few universal tips that will help you stay comfortable and professional throughout your trip. 

1. Rely on Natural Fibres: Synthetic fibres might not wrinkle, but they also don’t breathe very well. This can become a huge problem in both cold and hot temperatures. At the very least, high quality and moisture-wicking undergarments are a must. Undershirts can help keep your top shirt or dress shirt dry and sweat-free and can also work to insulate you better in colder temperatures. 

2. Layers: It doesn’t matter if you travel in summer, layers are important. You can always be comfortable with layers and look great – a must for those quick business trips. 

3. Get Your Clothes Tailored: Most people who travel regularly do so for work. To improve your professional look, it’s a good idea to get your work clothes tailored. You can even bring a small transportable steamer so you can keep them wrinkle-free on the go. 

Extra Bits for Comfort 

Comfort is a must when you spend a lot of time travelling. For example, for the plane, bringing a moisturiser and cleanser with you can help keep your skin refreshed and clean on the flight. In the hotel, you can follow The Culture Trip’s suggestions and do things like bringing your own sheets or even photos of family and friends to make your hotel feel a bit more homely.

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