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Neil Moodie Picks Men's Hairstyle Trends

2020 was the year of forgotten haircuts, trying to keep your hair looking trim and styled from the comfort of your own home has been one of the many challenges of the past twelve months. 2021 hasn’t been much better, we’ve all had months of extra growth leaving our hair unkempt and tired. Just ask Boris - he knows the feeling too. However, the date has approached when you can finally set foot in your favourite barbers or hair salon. But what to go for? Top hair stylist Neil Moodie has collated some of the best looks of the season. Freshen up your style and put the past year behind you with some of these top hairstyle picks:

1. The Re-Grunge

Many men grew their hair out during lockdown and I think they secretly enjoyed the extra length. Longer hair on guys is always seen as a bit rebellious, so it’s now about embracing the length and finding your inner Kurt Cobain 1990s look. The look is longer hair, maybe a few long layers, and possibly even some lighter mid-lengths and ends with a bit of colour. The kind that looks like you spent three months backpacking in the Indian sun. Think Keanu Reeves for style-inspo, who was around for the 90s incarnation and still looks great rocking it today. Celebrities rocking the trend today include Justin Bieber and James Turlington.

2. The New Mullet

Like the ladies, mullets are about to make a comeback too, but not in a 70s or 80s way, with short spiky layers on top. This time the top is a lot longer and floppier, and shaggier in texture too. Allow some waves and even curls (if you have them) to come through, which takes away from the severity of the old style mullets. Of course the sides are still short over the ears and the back longer, but the general feel is a more grown out style mullet, as displayed perfectly on the uber-cool Troye Sivan.

3. The Disconnected Haircut

These will continue to be prominent in 2021. Many men attempted to cut their own hair during lockdown, especially the sides and the back, but left the top due to concern of messing it up so it left them with a disconnect, whether it be curly, wavy or straight. To continue that trend, the sides and back will be barbered down to skin fades (done by the pros obviously) but with over exaggerated length on top maybe styled into quiffs, a high top fade or just unruly curls. Either way this haircut looks youthful and will be bang on trend. The best inspiration for this look can be found on barbers IG pages.

4. The Short Textured Crop 

This hairstyle on men will always be popular as it makes them feel neat and tidy for work, then allows them to be more casual at the weekend. The top will be a little longer this year to allow for the look to be more playful. A great example of this is on the brilliant young actor Tom Taylor, who was featured in a British Vogue editorial styled in this look by Neil Moodie.

5. The Shag

Modern day long 70s inspired ‘shag haircut’ looks will also be a big feature. Think fashionistas like Ben Cobb or Luke Day, or the actor Timothee Chalamet. Longer length all over that flicks about when you have a little dance. Because we ALL need to dance as soon as we can!

6. Pops of Colour 

This hairstyle will become very popular throughout the summer. Many guys bleached their hair during lockdown (me included). This ‘why not?’ attitude will continue, but will be about taking it further and adding colour. The main shades to go for will be acid pink, yellow, orange, peach, turquoise and blue. Check out Zayn Malik, or Italian actor and model Jacopo Olmo for inspiration. Not for the faint hearted… but it’s a statement.

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