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Top Instagram Influencers to Follow for Men's Style Inspiration

Nowadays it is rather easy to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, both for men and women. The style and fashion influencers for women are often the known celebrities, and it is not hard to find a girl with cool taste. But how can men choose from all the variety of bloggers on the market who are grossing Instagram video views in this niche? Well, this article is here to help you to find the most popular Instagram influencers for men’s style and fashion.


If you like classy and elegant looks, these guys have something to show you. This account maintains the aesthetic of a men’s magazine, which promotes timeless trends and gives useful insights on many things besides fashion. The Instagram feed of this blog is also helpful as it highlights new product launches, which assists with making good buying decisions. 


This influencer comes from Norway, and his style is the representation of the modern culture and lifestyle of Scandinavian and Nordic countries. The feed of this stylish man is filled with the idea of minimalism and comfort, which intertwine in quite elegant ways for viewers. Simplicity in colours and forms is another characteristic of this account. Also, Fredrik demonstrates that his elegance is still combined with the freedom of younger generations - he is sometimes seen skating around, wearing a more lousy, but still stylish outfit.

Fredrik Risvik
Fredrik Risvik


Some people know this personality by the real name - Jonathan Daniel Pryce. He is a successful fashion photographer and built his career co-working with many famous brands. His account is one of the iconic ones for those who look for stylish outfits and juicy photography. This account is a mix of street fashion with outstanding landmarks to highlight the modern style. 


This blog stands at the very beginning of a new genre of fashion photography. It all started when Scott Shuman began taking shots of interesting and original outfits he noticed on the New York streets around him. He uploaded the results to his website and added his comments and opinions, and got tons of views. Instagram was basically made for that! Scott Shuman has popularised the concept of street fashion, which is not demonstrated by celebrities, and thus demonstrates the trends and inspirations of random people who live in the world’s most fashionable city.

Garcon Jon
Garcon Jon


This account is dedicated mostly to sneakers, but the main concept is that they announce when and where new products will be released. They are focused on the best footwear and help people to fulfill their need to get an exclusive or simply preferred pair of shoes in time. This account also gives good descriptions of the upcoming product, assisting consumers in their choice. 


Stuck for styling ideas in the morning, looking at your clothes, and feeling desperate? This guy is pure inspiration. He offers minimalistic and effective layouts for casual men’s outfits. Phil concentrates on casual style, which is easy to replicate, yet he monetizes his Instagram blog by giving out some savvy ideas for creating an original look based on the user's wardrobe for their views and fashion motivation.

Phil Cohen
Phil Cohen


You are aware of the main trends in casual and street style, but when it comes to wearing a suit, you lose your confidence? This Instagram profile comes to the rescue! This blog specialises in tailoring and suitable accessories for classic men’s fashion. It is definitely worth following when you want visual ideas for your upcoming outfit. The concept is simple as the day - the feed is filled with photos of men wearing despicably beautiful and stylish suits and classic accessories like cuffs, watches, etc. 


This account was started as a buy and sell community. In a mysterious way, this community has migrated from Facebook to Instagram and emerged into a strong platform for representing street style and underground young brands. Basement Approved is a manifesto of streetwear and modern culture, that has not only a blog on IG where it collects likes and views but an official website, pop-up shops, and events, too.

Basement Approved
Basement Approved


Somewhere around their thirties, men begin to wonder, is it time to get out of their favourite hoodie and worn-out sneakers and change into something more appropriate for their age. But who dictates the appropriate? Jaadiee is exploring how modern and classic styles intertwine and evolve as the man changes his status and age. Don’t rush to throw out your logo T-shirts and baggy pants, folks! 


Nigel comes up with trends for cool weather. His passion in fashion is vintage sport suits and military style, mixed with workwear. This Instagram account is a way for Nigel to share and get views for interesting items he was able to grab, and unique pieces he is hunting all over the world on his trips.



The true passion of this blogger is vintage watches, as it is obvious from the name. In this Instagram feed, the blogger demonstrates different timepieces and chronographs, mostly from the 60s and 70s. The personality of Watchfred is quite mysterious, yet we can tell for sure, that his collection of watches is very rich and interesting. 


One of the most reliable sources for creating and maintaining a trendy wardrobe is following models and stylists. Joe Attaway is a well-known men’s stylist and image consultant. This man definitely knows how to impress with his clothing. On his Instagram, you will find useful insights about knife-sharp tailoring and contemporary style.

Joe Ottaway
Joe Ottaway


Even though modern fashion conjures the dress code that combines sneakers and classic jackets, the question of tailoring is still important for men, as there’s nothing that would make you look as classy as a suit. And remembering Barney Stinson - wearing a suit is a form of art. Thus, many guys are struggling to get the best look, especially for important events. Permanent Style Instagram comes to assist you in your choice. This account gets lots of views from its audience and provides timeless ideas and hints for tailoring. 


This man began his blogging career at 17, and nowadays he is demonstrating his street fashion looks to more than 2 million followers. He also travels to discover new trends and interesting items that he later implements in his outfits seamlessly. His photographs are uniting the fashion trends and surrounding architecture to create a true urbanistic look for those who appreciate comfort and beauty.

Adam Gallagher
Adam Gallagher


This blog is made for people who love wearing bright and colourful things! Will built his career on his witty and bright personality, integrating his style to his philosophy. Besides being a fashion model for his own style, Will also launched product apparel, wrote a book, and co-works with many brands. His IG is really worth checking out and viewing - you will be surprised by the variety of forms and colours that can be worn by men. 


This man comes from the insides of the industry. Jim is an editor for GQ UK and a vlogger, whose Instagram profile leads people to the world of men’s fashion, travels, and lifestyle. When you lack inspiration, look through Jim’s profile and you will find ideas that will light up your looks.

Jim Chapman
Jim Chapman


This guy will astound you with his elegant and yet relaxed style, and his bright and creative personality. In his Instagram profile Justin captures moments from his travels and shares his vision of street style. Justin also runs lifestyle blog ScoutSixteen. 


This guy is a male model and blogger, who has a truly breathtaking beard. The main idea of his style is mixing a lumberjack and modern gentleman in one outfit. His dandy-like looks are perfectly exposed on his Instagram page.

Chris John Millington
Chris John Millington
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