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4 Reasons Why Ireland is a Great Country to Move to

Ireland is an incredible country with so many amazing places to visit. It’s the perfect place for a weekend break, but if you have long term travel plans and you are thinking about moving abroad, Ireland should definitely be on your list of possible places. These are some of the big reasons why Ireland is a great country to move to.

Lots Of Amazing Places To Visit 

The great thing about moving to a new country is that you still get to be a tourist. You don’t have to decide on one place to go because you have plenty of time to take lots of trips, meaning that you get to see everything that the country has to offer. Ireland is perfect in this respect because there are so many amazing places to visit. The big cities like Dublin and Belfast are packed full of things to see and do and you may end up living in one of these places. But once you get outside of the cities, you can visit some incredible natural landscapes like the Giant’s Causeway. Even though Ireland isn’t a particularly big country, you will never be stuck for things to do.

Rich Culture And History 

Ireland has such a strong national identity and culture. They have their own language, lots of delicious national dishes, and of course, it’s the home of Guinness. You’ll also find some incredible Irish music and lots of old folklore tales that are woven into modern culture. People often think that Ireland is similar to Scotland or England, but it has its own distinct culture to immerse yourself in. 

Getting Citizenship 

If you fall in love with Ireland, it’s fairly easy to get citizenship there. If you have Irish-born parents, you can apply right away, so a lot of people with Irish families end up moving back there. But even if you have no previous links to the country, you can apply after living there for five years. If you get in touch with an immigration solicitor, they can handle everything for you, so getting citizenship isn’t a problem. This makes it much easier to find work without having to worry about Visas and if you are a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, you can also travel to EU countries without restriction.

Friendly Locals 

The Irish people have a reputation for being very friendly, and you’ll notice it as soon as you arrive. They’re incredibly welcoming and have a great sense of humour. No matter where you go in the world, you will never experience a local population that is quite like the people of Ireland. This is a big bonus when you are moving to a new country and trying to find your feet because you’ll find that everybody is always helpful, and you’ll feel right at home after just a few days.

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