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The 10 Best Fashion Brands to Work for Right Now

Finding decent employment is hard in any industry, but the fashion industry can be particularly gruelling. So, which fashion brands have the best work/life balance? Take a look… Most fashion brands are a long way away from their reputation in Hollywood films and TV shows. Many of them are actually great to work for. Of course, the same can’t be said for all places of work. If your current employer is treating you badly you should speak to New York, Milan or London employment solicitors, to settle the issue. That said, the best thing to do is to find somewhere with a reputation of happy employees and great work benefits. In this post, we’re going to cover the top 10 fashion brands to work for in 2021. This way, you can make sure you’re both working for a brand you like and a company that treats you fairly.

What Are the Best Fashion Brands to Work for Right Now? 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out in the industry, or you have 20 years of experience, the following companies are the best fashion brands to work for right now. 

1. Nike 

We all know how influential and successful Nike is as a fashion brand, but the treatment of its employees isn’t often discussed. Nike encourages its employees to give back to the community through schemes like it’s Ambassador Programme. This programme allows their staff to share their love of sport with the next generation through volunteering at local charities, schools and organisations. Also, working for Nike will never be boring as their product range changes all the time. This will give you a good sense of what it’s like to work for a fast-changing fashion brand.


2. Asos 

Asos has grown from its humble London beginnings in 2000 to an e-commerce giant over the last 20 years. In 2021, they bought out Topshop and Miss Selfridge for £330 million, and employment for the company will likely boom as a result. On top of its success, Asos was rated one of the most desirable places to work in the UK due to its close sense of community amongst staff. Asos also prides itself on its hiring of young people, with the average age of a head office employee said to be 26. If you’re a young person looking to get started in the fashion industry, Asos could be your ticket. 

3. H&M 

The Swedish fashion brand H&M is the second-largest clothing retailer in the world, with an estimated value of £19 billion. Thankfully, the company shares its success with its employees and encourages them down their chosen career path. Through its employee development scheme, you’re given the opportunity to try out other people’s jobs, promotions and international placements. If you’re starting out in the fashion industry, or you want to try out a new career within it, then H&M will help you work towards the job you want.


4. Nordstrom Inc. 

Norsdstrom Inc. is a fashion speciality retailer in the US who, despite taking a dip during the COVID-19 pandemic, has bounced back relatively well. According to ratings on Glassdoor, employees stated that the company’s dynamic culture, supportive management and upward mobility are the main reasons to work there. This, as well as the availability of full and part-time positions, makes it a great option for those juggling parenting with work. 

5. Hermés 

Hermés is the third most-valuable luxury fashion brand in the world and is the only fashion company to make it on France’s top 10 places to work for. The company employs over 12,000 people worldwide and puts a huge emphasis on its family-owned culture. Employees say you’re welcomed into the family on day one, and that Hermés offers: 

- Flexible working hours 

- Working from home 

- A desirable annual leave package


6. Gucci 

If you don’t know who Gucci are, you might be entering the wrong industry. This fashion brand has been on the Top Global Brands list every year since 2000. This honour was earned in part from the freedom they give to their employers to be creative with their work. They encourage their employees to: 

- Be innovative 

- Discover new skills 

- Take risks 

- Have ownership over their creations 

7. Zalando 

Zalando is a fast-growing online retailer that offers global fashion brands as well as its own designed and collections. Its business model is based around uniting tech and fashion, so this is a good company to work for if you’re into the tech-side of the fashion industry. The company also believes in entrepreneurship, and they employ people from all over the world. They also support people who have families with flexible working hours and a dedicated area for children in their office.


8. Patagonia 

Patagonia are known for their iconic backpacks, fleeces and wetsuits, but their treatment of employees is their real selling point. This fashion brand’s employee-first culture has seen them retain staff year after year. In an industry known for treating its employees badly, the support, respect and benefits Patagonia offer their employees is almost unheard of. Here are a few noteworthy benefits: 

- Choose your own working hours 

- Every other Friday off 

- Childcare facilities on site/pay for nannies for company trips 

9. Lululemon 

Lululemon is a Canadian yoga-inspired athletic apparel brand who often ranks highly as a top fashion company to work for. Employees praise the company for its inclusive culture, great benefits and training for personal and professional development.

10. Adidas 

Similar to Nike, Adidas is one of the most influential and inspiring brands in the world and has been listed as one of the best fashion brands to work for. Adidas prides itself on progressing existing employees and providing endless working opportunities for them. If that’s not enough of a selling point for you, the company leads the way in sustainability by reducing chemical usage, energy and water consumption. 

Ready to Get Your Fashion Industry Job? 

In this post, we’ve shared our top 10 fashion brands to work for, paying close attention to their success and overall treatment of their employees. The fashion industry has a reputation for treating employees badly, but that doesn’t mean these 10 brands are the only ones worth working for. This post is a list of the best ones but, with a little digging, we're sure you’ll find hundreds more where that came from.

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