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How To Grow A Beard: 4 Things You Should Know

Thanks to social media beards have had a comeback of their own, with so many trends that support beards and with more men than usual sporting them. Every man at one point in their life has stood in the mirror and wondered how he would look rocking a beard. You are not alone on this issue. Growing a beard comes with walls of restrictions based on genes and facial shape. Just as your DNA affects your height or hair colour, the same case applies to your beard. Since there aren't magic hair products that will have your beard growing overnight - and if you are on the journey of growing a beard right now - the following are four things you should know.

1. Choose The Right Products For Your Beard 

Those gorgeous-looking beards you see on social media feeds do not come without the extra cost. You need more than a good cleaning and a comb to look that luscious. Buying expensive beard products will probably leave your wallet drained, and if not careful, it could land you into some serious mental health issues. There are several websites that offer effective products, so check them out, and try to understand which ones will work for you. In this regard, what works for your hair will probably work well for other parts of the body. Use a shampoo and conditioner on your beard and follow it up with some beard oil. Ensure that you are aware of your hair type and your surroundings to avoid having an unhealthy-looking beard.

2. Eat Well, Exercise, And Have Enough Sleep 

Many bodily functions require that you eat well, exercise, and rest. Hair growth is among them. For your beard to grow, you need to sleep since most cellular turnover activities occur at night. To grow a beard, you need nutrients, which are transported through the veins. If you are not resting enough, your beard will be deprived of these essential nutrients, and therefore no growth will happen. The testosterone hormone affects the rate at which your beard grows, you need to be on a balanced diet rich in proteins, whole grains, fats, and vegetables. Regular exercise is also essential as it allows the body to get rid of toxins that can negatively affect your beard growth. Having your beard soaked in sweat can actually help it grow. This is because as a man your testosterone levels are boosted with heightened fitness activities. By breaking a sweat, you also open up your pores allowing more hair to grow. 

3. The Virtue Of Patience 

A healthy and voluminous beard does not grow overnight. Beards grow at different intervals for different people, and therefore you should not compare yourself to your friends and think your beard will grow at the same rate as theirs. Since growth rate is affected by genetics, there is little you can do for yourself other than being patient and taking care of yourself. Within a few years you'll have a full beard to be proud of.

4. Adopt A Beard Style That Suits Your Face 

In the past, beards were regarded as dirty and untidy. To ensure you do not have people thinking the same of the beautiful hair growing on your face, make sure your beard matches your face. Different face shapes look better with varying shapes of beard. Identify the style that matches your face shape and personality. A poorly matching choice here will have you looking older than you are or having people assuming the worst of you. Discuss with your barber the style that will work best for you or seek inspiration from magazines and blogs. It’s for this reason that you need to visit a barber often so that they can advise on the best ways to treat and style your beard. You also need them to trim those beards regularly so that you look presentable for work or play. 

When you follow the above tips carefully you will have the beard of your dreams, and better still, know how to take care of it. This is a dream for many guys because there's no holding back if you have a resolute mind. For many years beards have been grown for posterity reasons, as a sign of maturity, and to attract a partner. It’s a trend that has grown in modern times and you have no reasons to be left out.

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