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7 Smart Ways to Add Style on a Budget This Summer

The onset of summer presents a challenge when it comes to maintaining that smart look, much less when you are on a budget. Making the switch from denim and the convenience of layering outerwear and knitwear can be tricky. Let’s face it; dressing well when the temperatures are high can be intimidating. However, it is possible to add style to your summer wardrobe to embrace comfort and look the part. It is possible to build several outfits with a couple of shorts, shirts and shoes. Here are 7 smart ways to add style to your wardrobe this summer:

Shop at fashion showrooms 

Before you head out to shop for your summer wardrobe you need to think of places where you can find great bargains like fashion showrooms. It doesn’t always have to be second hand for it to be cheap. You might just be surprised to find some pricey brands offering insane discounts for fashion items probably because it is a launch or a clearance sale. Generally, you’ll get more value from a clearance sale than an ordinary sale. So you will do well to find the clearance sale section. Showroom sales are often aimed at increasing brand awareness and ramping up revenue.


Only buy what you need 

Think of an item in your wardrobe that you have not adorned since you purchased it. Well, here’s the point; it is a common temptation to buy clothing that you later realise you didn’t need. If you are walking a tightrope as far as your finances are concerned, then you will do well to focus on buying wardrobe items that you need. Remember, while discounts help you save money, the best way to save money is by not buying items you don’t need. Where possible, make a list of the classic timeless items you must have and stick to it when you go shopping. You can always take advantage of items you already have in your wardrobe to complete your style. By not buying the items you don’t need, you save money more than you’ll do taking advantage of a sale for items you purchase on impulse. 

Research men’s fashion 

One of the reasons you are likely to end up with fashion items you don’t need is because you are not well versed with men’s fashion. Taking some time to educate yourself on menswear could make a big difference when you get down to shopping. When you are knowledgeable about your own fashion sense, it is unlikely that you will buy clothes you don’t need. Look into fashion labels which offer value pricing such as Tokyo Laundry for example. You can be sure to put together a perfect summer wardrobe on a small budget. So take time to educate yourself so you can make informed decisions.

Luca Faloni
Luca Faloni

Look out for the return policy 

It is not always a guarantee that every item you purchase will be a perfect fit. In some cases, especially when you shop online or purchase clearance items, the items may end up being too big or too small. Now, this can be distressing if you are on a budget. To avoid this, you will do well to check the store’s return policy before purchase just to be sure you can send it back if it is not a perfect fit or you’re not satisfied with the item. 

Take advantage of existing versatile fashion items 

Look around your wardrobe to find some versatile fashion items that you can rock all year round. You can create amazing combinations by throwing in some existing threads. Remember, your style is personal and everyone has different taste. No matter your budget, always remember that summer is a great time to introduce a dash of colour to your wardrobe. So you could play around with accessories that add detail to your style e.g. bracelets, pocket squares, sunglasses or watch straps. Ultimately, no matter your style, remember that the hot and humid summer weather requires that you dress light with the most preferable fabrics being cotton, linen and lightweight wool. These help to ensure the free flow of air and enhanced comfort.

You don’t have to compromise your style simply because you’re cash strapped. While you may not be able to afford the items you’d love to own this summer, always remember that it is easy to build a perfect summer wardrobe and dress stylishly on a budget when you put these tips into practice.

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