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5 Ways to Wear Men’s Jewellery with R&O Man

It looks like the men’s jewellery renaissance is here to stay with the likes of Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky and Timothee Chalamet donning the latest trends in men’s accessories. Long gone are the days when a simple wedding band and a classic watch were the only men’s jewellery accessories on offer. The new chapter of men’s jewellery redefines style for the modern man. With a change in menswear trends to a more fluid approach, it’s not surprising that men’s jewellery trends have also seen a seismic shift with gemstone embellished designs, delicate pearls and dangly earrings pushing the boundaries of men’s accessories. Enter R&O Man. The UK-based online jewellers has revealed their latest collection of affordable men’s jewellery designed to showcase the full spectrum of designs on offer, from subtle cufflinks to outrageous gemstone rings and wearable men’s jewellery pendants. For many men, the thought of slipping on a necklace or adding a bracelet to their outfit can still seem daunting. Whether you’re ready to add a new spin on your look or hoping to dip your toe in the world of men’s jewellery, the experts at R&O Man have got you covered. Read on to discover 5 easy ways to wear jewellery this summer.

Play with texture 

A simple way to add jewellery to your look is by layering different textures and styles together. Start with a solid base, like a stainless steel link chain necklace for a classic design that can be dressed up or down. This is an easy way to introduce a necklace by opting for a style that pairs strong metals with contrasting textures like rubber cord, leather and rope. Style it with a classic t-shirt in this season’s colours and finish the look with a functional and stylish windbreaker.

Stainless steel men’s necklace
Stainless steel men’s necklace

Add some colour 

If you’re looking to go all out with the latest addition to your collection, men’s gemstone jewellery is the way to go this summer. Famous men like Jason Momoa and Shawn Mendes make the case for men’s gemstone jewellery showing that colourful adornments are no longer reserved for the ladies. Opt for your birthstone, add a pop of colour to monochrome casuals or clash with seasonal brights. This colourful take on men’s rings is the ultimate conversation starter. Add a classic gemstone like ruby or emerald or dispel negative energy with a turquoise ring for all-round good vibes.

Men’s Turquoise Knight Ring in Sterling Silver
Men’s Turquoise Knight Ring in Sterling Silver

Keep it simple 

If a minimal look is more your pace then don’t worry. There is an endless selection of men’s jewellery that is perfect to add a subtle touch of style. For formal occasions, wear a watch with a subtle tungsten or titanium ring and complementary cufflinks. Match your metals to finish your look with added polish or nail the mixed-metals approach with an on-trend two-tone ring. To complete a casual outfit then why not add a basic men’s chain or pendant. If you’re feeling more confident in your style then choose a longer length and layer over your t-shirt. If you want to keep things subtler, tuck your chain into your t-shirt for a glimpse of on-trend accessorizing. 

Layer up 

If one chain simply isn’t enough then one of the easiest ways to style men’s jewellery is with layers. The great thing about layering is the endless number of combinations you can make based on your style; however, the key to perfect layers is to choose chains of varying length or thicknesses for ultimate impact. Perhaps the most current way to layer your jewellery is to pair masculine silhouettes with a feminine touch for a more fluid approach. Take inspiration from Harry Styles and wear a vintage pearl necklace with a minimal chain for the ultimate lesson in contrasting style.

Arm candy 

Last but not least, men’s bracelets are a great piece of jewellery to add detail to your outfit in the summer when short sleeves allow you to play with everything from casual leather designs to bold link bracelets. Match your bracelet and chain for effortless coordination and a smarter look or go for contrasting styles. If you’re looking for a bracelet for daily wear then a braided leather design is the perfect choice. These laid back styles are one of the most versatile to wear throughout the summer months. For those who like to make a statement then classic chain link bracelets in stainless steel are the way to go. These styles feature a selection of shapes and thicknesses as well as a choice of finishes and detailing.

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