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How to Stand Out with Cool Graphic T-Shirts

The most available and worn piece of casual wear is the almighty t-shirt. Giving you a good-looking appearance, a quality tee will make you stand out in the crowd almost every time. For a brand, a target group to consider when making a t-shirt design can be difficult, but most potential buyers just love a good laugh or a smile. Having this element in your attire can be useful and most certainly will provoke a conversation. You can also opt for quotes or designs that clearly show your interests or beliefs. Anything from a t-shirt with your favourite band, to your favourite saying or your favourite art piece. The possibilities are endless, which is why we’ve compiled a simple guide on how to stand out wearing a cool graphic t-shirt.

Gothic Appearance 

The gothic appearance comes in the form of explicit dark fashion, usually in combination with certain types of music. Some of the opinions people have about this subculture can be deceiving, thinking it revolves around an obsession with the idea of death. People who enjoy this style can freely explore the world looking for themselves and express their opinions open-mindedly. When discussing gothic clothing you cannot leave out the black colour. The darkest colour in the world can consist of multiple variants and layers that individuals can wear. Gothic t-shirts can include album covers or band logos that represent a certain type of music. As we previously mentioned, the black colour is mostly used in this subculture but that isn’t always the case. Many colourful tones are often included in the design - a picture, a painting, music lyrics or an illustration and even a phrase.


Positive Quotes 

A lot of things can bring positivity in your life, including an inspirational optimistic quote. Even though t-shirts are a blank canvas for the designer and they can create and embellish them in a million ways, a simple inspiring quote on someone’s t-shirt can brighten up the day for you and everyone around you. It's important when you buy something with text on it that you make sure it’s in the right font. The font can amplify the meaning of the message and a suitable font can help that message reach its purpose. Calligraphy, as an art and a technique that can make any writing appealing, is an important tool to have on your side. A little reminder that you can make it, or you are the artist of your own life. Seize the day by wearing a beautiful phrase on your chest or back. 

Cool Doodle Artwork 

Doodling around on a piece of paper is something we have all done at one stage in our lives. It seems that a couple of strings or colourful “spaghetti” on your t-shirt can create quite the creative image that you want to present. Maybe sometimes brainstorming can be a lot more difficult than expected when designing a wardrobe and the simplicity and minimalism can be as impactful as including a lot of elements in the design. Spraying with a brush can add the effect of droplets and strings to the doodles and can increase the overall appeal of this design.


Celebration Messages 

Having a t-shirt that can get you to reminisce about the best party you attended in your life is something you should always have in your wardrobe. Sharing these celebration messages and wishes on a t-shirt can be of huge help if you want to be reminded of your son's birth or your birthday, even your bachelor party. People also print internal jokes and entire comics on a garment when they attend a function and want to portray a certain message that most of the attendees can understand. This allows them to get points for being innovative and funny among their peers

Having a detailed t-shirt can be of help when you want to present something to the world. But that doesn’t mean that a minimalistic approach can diminish the beauty with its simplicity. From the design, phrase, font, meaning to the very colour of the tee, you have tons of combinations which you can comfortably wear under your work shirt or rock casually with your jeans. Sometimes what is on your chest can paint a better picture of who you are as a person, and the t-shirt is a great way to express yourself.

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