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Introducing Anpassa Sports Apparel

According to Anpassa, the sportswear industry has become stuck in its’ ways – a market flooded with cheap, poor-quality clothing that doesn’t perform as intended, and simply doesn’t last. Having spent the last 9 years working in sportswear design and development, founder, Dan Craven, had seen significant growth in the women’s activewear market; however, he struggled to find a high-quality equivalent for men.

He felt there was an opportunity to create a new style of technical sportswear that’s engineered to enhance your active lifestyle (without the big logos and crazy colours) - versatile apparel, designed to transition from one environment to the next; whether you’re training, running, in the office or climbing a mountain. Anpassa takes a minimalistic, Scandinavian approach to design, using performance fabrics with a natural colour palette. A nod to this being in the name, Anpassa - a Swedish word meaning ‘to adapt’.

“I think it’s important to distinguish between ‘Activewear’ and ‘Athleisure’, as the two are often confused. The term, ‘Athleisure’ refers to casual wear with a sporting aesthetic. The term, ‘activewear’ refers to technical sportswear with a casual aesthetic. Anpassa fits into the latter. First and foremost, the products are built on a platform of technical performance. However, I strongly believe style can be incorporated, without any compromise in function.” – explains Dan. 

When it comes to the ‘S’ word, ‘sustainability’, Anpassa doesn’t see this as a USP, but as something to incorporate into every aspect of the business - not only at product level. They’re conscious of the increase in false claims from various suppliers and brands. “Without sounding too preachy, the clothing industry as a whole must continue to make fundamental changes and as a new brand, it’s important Anpassa keeps its environmental impact to a minimum.” – says Dan.

As well as durability playing an important part in the design ethos, Anpassa uses eco-friendly fabrics and materials where possible. All products are made in Portugal, with all fabrics sourced from within Europe, keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. All aspects of packaging are eco-friendly - even down to the water-based adhesive labels used on their compostable mail bags. Earlier this year, Anpassa launched its minimally branded, 3-piece collection comprising of a zip top made with SEAQUAL YARN’s Upcycled Marine Plastic, a drirelease/cotton-blend t-shirt and a highly durable woven short. Moving forward, Anpassa has plans to collaborate with various industry experts and like-minded brands, in order to help them become THE premium activewear brand for men. 


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