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Safety Gear and Tips for Bikers to Properly Protect Themselves

If you are looking for a fun workout, an effective means to commute, or just a way to interact enjoyably with the world, cycling can bring you all that. Keep in mind though, that this activity is best undertaken with the right knowledge of safety precautions and gears. Below are some tips that can help you with the same.

Suit Up Properly 

When you wear the proper clothing and safety equipment for any physical activity it helps you enhance your performance and keeps you safe. It eliminates the chances of any fatal injury. For clothing, you can choose lycra that can fit you properly and decreases the chances of your trousers being caught up in the chain. A properly fitted biking helmet will help to protect your head from any severe injuries. You can add additional padding for comfort to your cycling shorts if needed. It will help to reduce chaffing and you will be able to cycle for longer. Protect your eyes with sunglasses and finally use the right pair of shoes.


Select The Right Bike 

A right-sized bike can help you to have a comfortable experience without suffering from aches. The handlebars that are connected to the seat should have enough space of at least one or two inches in between. You should be able to comfortably stand flat-footed on the ground. You will have to adjust the handlebar height, tire pressure and position your seat at the proper angle. You can ask a professional to size your bike for you to make sure it is a proper fit. This will help you to maintain the right posture when you are riding. If you hunch for too long on the bike, you will be more prone to back and knee aches. Check the bike often after you have got it fitted properly to ensure you can make the changes yourself. For long-lasting stability and safety, you have to monitor and maintain the condition of your bike continuously. You should learn how to change a flat tire in case you plan on taking your bike for longer trips. 

Safety Kit and Precautions 

The first safety tip that you should practice before you go for any long trips on your bike is to communicate the time of your departure, your route, and when you will be back to your family, friends, or any other people you are close to. This means if you do not return at the estimated time, those people can send out help. Make it a point to carry some form of identification with you and some cash to be prepared in case an unexpected incident takes place. Take a safety kit with you so that you can deal with any emergencies. This kit should include tools and equipment for quick bike repairs as well as some medical aid.

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Plan Your Route 

Exciting as it may be to venture and explore unknown places, it is always helpful to do some research on the area beforehand. You need to know where the paths will take you and how the riding conditions will be. When you are riding on unknown paths, refrain from using headphones because listening to music can make you less aware of your surroundings. You have to ensure that you can hear and see everything on the road ahead of you. This will help you to be defensively alert on your biking path which is a good strategy for safe riding. Take along some easy-to-eat snacks and drinks with you. Staying hydrated is very important while you are on your bike for long distances. 

Exercise To Stay Fit 

Biking can be tiring when done for a very long time. Without proper warmup and stretching exercises, it can even leave you very sore. Take some time to stretch and warm up before and after your biking trip. It will help your body to be prepared for the physical activity that lies ahead. It can also help to prevent athletic injuries that more bikers are prone to. At the end of the trip, stretch out again so you do not get any cramps. It will also help you to recover faster from physical exertion. Breathing exercise will help you in a big way to maintain your riding levels for a long time. If you smoke, then it is a good idea to quit doing so as that can make you breathless very quickly.

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