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The Short Hair Styles Men Really Want

This season has seen a surge in men's short haircuts trends. Low maintenance, breezy, and cool, they make for the best summer cuts. Since restrictions have eased, many men in the UK have shed their manes and swapped them for shorter sides and tops. They're classy, comfy, and so attractive. But how popular are short haircuts this summer? Beauty experts Cosmetify researched the most Googled men's short haircuts in the UK to bring you this season's trends. Are you curious to know more? Read on to find out which most popular short hairstyles made it to their top 10.

What are the short hairstyles men really want? 

Are you planning to change your look to boost your confidence? You might want to try a new hairstyle. The most popular, best short hairstyles of this summer are fresh, easy to maintain, and comfortable. They give men trendy styling options whilst remaining cool and comfortable. The top 10 short hairstyles men really want are: 

1. Buzzcut 

2. Crew haircut 

3. Bowl haircut 

4. Quiff 

5. Caesar haircut 

6. Disconnected undercut 

7. Comb over haircut 

8. Messy undercut 

9. French crop haircut 

10. Ivy league haircut 

Since we cannot leave it here, we'll comb through the data and styles in more detail.


The classic buzzcut is effortless, fashionable, and easy to style. With an average of 49,500 searches every month, it has taken over British Google searches for men's short hairstyles. It is the ultimate short hairstyle men want. Its popularity comes with good reason. The buzzcut has many variations, but it's simple and low maintenance regardless of its particular style. It's perfect for hot summer days. Short all over, it pulls a modern look together. Men can get a buzzcut suited to their style since they're spoiled for choice. There are many buzzcut styles, but the main ones include: 

1. Buzzcut fade 

2. Military buzz cut 

3. Induction cut 

4. Buzz with clean lines 

5. Widow's peak buzz cut 

6. Burr cut 

7. Dramatic fade buzz cut 

Crew cut 

Neat, low maintenance, and essentially a longer version of the buzz, the crew cut is in this summer. The research shows that crew cuts are the second most wanted short haircuts for men. Their average 27,100 searches place them amongst the most favoured short hairstyles this summer. And what's not to love about a good crew style? They allow for longer hair flowing on the top, which looks fantastic with trimmed, short sides. Some men go for a sleek undercut for that extra jazz. Either way, it is easy to maintain. And it can frame prominent facial features. You can get different crew cuts, such as: 

1. Classic crew cut 

2. Short crew cut 

3. Long crew cut 

4. Textured crew cut 

5. Taper fade crew cut 

6. Curly or wavy crew cut 

7. Side-parted crew cut

Bowl cut 

A twist on the high and tight haircut, the modern bowl cut is amongst the trendy short haircuts of the season. You can tell by the 18,100 average monthly searches for this short hairstyle. The data doesn't lie. Thicker hair will look the best with this style, but it looks fabulous on any man. The bowl features a long top and long fringe cut to the same length. The back and side are kept short, so there's also sharpness to this style. This edgy short hairstyle is best for men who want to keep their short hair interesting. With all the benefits of shorter hair and a cool top, they can keep it breezy yet trendy. There are a few different bowl cut styles: 

1. Long bowl cut 

2. Classic bowl cut 

3. Short bowl cut 

4. Fade bowl cut 

5. Curly or wavy bowl cut 

6. Taper bowl cut 

7. Undercut bowl cut 


The quiff haircut is one to steal the show. It receives 12,100 average monthly Google searches, showing just how popular it is. After all, this versatile and appealing cut suits any man. With a longer top and shorter sides, it's essentially a classic. It's not a very short haircut, nor is it easy maintenance like the buzz style. Yet, the quiff is a favourite for how good it looks. Men who want to opt for this haircut can get its different variations: 

1. Classic quiff 

2. Short quiff 

3. Structured quiff 

4. Textured quiff 

5. Thick hair quiff 

6. Wavy or curly quiff 

7. Taper fade quiff

Caesar cut 

Yet another classic short hairstyle. The Caesar is timeless and pulls that summer look together. With 2,900 average monthly searches, it ranks sixth most wanted short haircut for men. The Caesar cut is a twist on the bowl cut fit, but for wavy or curly hair, as well as straight hair. Anyone can pull off this look even if they spend little time styling it. A brush forward and a little hair product will go a long way. Like the others, it does come in different styles: 

1. Accurate, short Caesar 

2. Textured Caesar 

3. Tapered fade Caesar 

4. Short fade temple Caesar 

5. 360 waves Caesar 

6. Rounded hairline Caesar 

7. Blurred temples and nape line Caesar 

Disconnected undercut 

When it comes to haircuts for men, the undercut is quite popular. It receives as many searches as the Caesar, 2,900 monthly on average. How could it not? It's a flattering, masculine look. Pulled together by a contrast line, men can style undercut in different ways. Typically, the long hair on the top gets sleeked back. It's cool, trendy, and looks great on older and younger guys too. It's a winner on any hair type, be it wavy hair, thick hair, or curly hair. It even works on thinning hair. A modern hairstyle made for anyone, it features different variations: 

1. Side-swept disconnected undercut 

2. Back swept disconnected undercut 

3. Brushed up fade disconnected undercut 

4. Disconnected short pomp undercut 

5. Short hard part disconnected undercut 

6. Drop subtle fade slicked disconnected undercut 

7. Disconnected reverse faux hawk

Comb over haircut 

Simple, with a natural finish or a trendy twist, this sharp haircut is not short of variation. With 2,400 monthly searches in the UK, it makes it eighth in our top for short hairstyles men really want. This short haircut is pretty easy to maintain. The comb-over haircut looks good on any hair type and takes minutes to style. It's generous with volume and flattering even to those with thin hair. Men are spoiled for choice with this haircut, but some of its variations are: 

1. Short comb 

2. Classic combed back style 

3. Slick comb over 

4. Short faux hawk comb over 

5. Layered comb over with drop fade 

6. Curly and puffed comb over 

7. Undercut long-haired comb over 

Messy undercut 

Easily maintained, attractive, and cool, the messy undercut has been a desired style in recent years. Yet, it only receives 320 monthly searches on average. It has decreased in popularity now, but its overall appearance stays stylish, badass, and handsome all at the same time. Men rock this style and walk the line between effortless and awesome. With short sides, often a tight taper, and a long top full of volume, this fresh-cut gives men's hair a lot of shape. There are many different variations including: 

1. Messy low fade undercut 

2. Thick wavy messy undercut 

3. Side-swept messy undercut 

4. Ponytail messy undercut 

5. Short messy undercut with thick spikes 

6. High and tight fade messy undercut 

7. Textured style messy undercut

French crop cut 

Closely linked to the Caesar cut, this short style is simple and low maintenance. Yet, it doesn't rank as well as the others. With only 260 monthly average searches on Google, it comes in at ninth place in our top 10 most desirable short hairstyles for men. Despite this, it's still a good look. It's chic, edgy, and minimalist with a long fringe that distinguishes it from the Caesar cut. It has a textured top, and is paired with contrasting side and back fades that accentuate the man's face. The simplicity of this relaxed short haircut makes it ideal for any guy. It has a modern vibe and can be easily altered for different looks. Some popular variations include: 

1. Classic French crop 

2. Short French crop 

3. Long French crop 

4. Straight French crop 

5. Textured French crop 

6. Disconnected French crop 

7. French crop undercut 

Ivy league cut 

The Ivy League cut comes last in the top 10 short haircuts for men, with a fancy name and official style. The British public only search for the Ivy League cut an average of 90 times per month. This shows the decline of this otherwise classic cut. Also called the Princeton haircut or the Harvard clip, this short men's hairstyle is convenient, light, and easily maintained. Short trimmed sides meet short trimmed back and top, all complemented by the longer fringe. It is styled with a side part and looks similar to that of a crew cut. Yet, there are many options when it comes to an Ivy League cut. They include: 

1. Classic Ivy League 

2. Ivy League structured quiff 

3. Tapered, brushed up Ivy League 

4. Ivy League tight sides 

5. Short, side-swept Ivy League 

6. Curly Ivy League 

7. Messy Ivy League


If you like posting photos on social media, a clean face, stylish clothes, perfectly-angled poses, and a new haircut may get you more likes and a thumbs-up. But you don’t have to spend so much on it. Changing up your overall look doesn’t have to be so difficult either. Especially for men, a short hairstyle that is appropriate for the face shape, and that suits your personality, can do wonders. Aside from the cut, here are other things you may want to consider to keep it styled all day long. 

Hair Wax: A hair wax adds texture and depth to your hair, leaving a matte finish. It hardens or makes your hair shiny, so you can restyle your hair whenever you want. Hair wax is recommended for short hairstyles. 

Hair Gel: A hair gel product keeps the hair in place for hours with a wet, shiny look. Applying a gel hardens your hair and holds the hairstyle all day. For men with thin hair, they can go for a light-hold gel. This gel will prevent hair strands from clumping together. 

Pomade: You can choose between a water-based or oil-based pomade. Pomades also have different textures and finishes. Use pomade to make your hair easy to style, allowing you to attain a polished, sleek look. Men with thinner hair should use a lightweight product while those with thick or coarse hair should opt for pomades with thicker consistencies. What’s so great about this product is that it's easy to rinse off. 

We hope the top 10 most Googled men's short haircuts and styles have shed some light on this summer's trends. 2021 brings many possibilities for masculine cuts that work great with any look. From twists on conservative haircuts to more daring styles, the best haircuts for men in 2021 give plenty of options.

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