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What are the Actual Benefits of CBD Oil?

CBD oil has been used in practices for almost 100 years but only became fully legalised in the UK in 2018. It’s now sold in health shops, chemists, and supermarkets across the UK in various forms and strengths. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. It’s naturally occurring and is commonly found in oils and creams to ease mental health problems like anxiety and depression. It’s also used to treat or manage physical problems like chronic pain and skin conditions.

Benefits of CBD oil 

In the UK, the main reasons people buy and use CBD oil is to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression or alleviate pain. But there are many other benefits that are often not talked about. Due to the calming effects CBD has on the skin, it can calm redness and irritation, as well as reduce acne and breakouts with continued use. It’s even used in skin care products like masks and cleansers. It can help with poor sleeping habits like insomnia by controlling cortisol levels. It’s also used as an anti-inflammatory, a way of improving sex, and to reduce seizure activity. With constant development of different strengths and ways to use it, the list of benefits of CBD oil is only getting longer.


How to use it? 

The way you use CBD depends on the form you chose. If it’s an oil, just put a few drops under the tongue and hold for 20-30 seconds before swallowing the excess oil. CBD as an edible or drinkable form takes around 30 minutes to two hours to have an effect after digestion. The amount you should take in a day will depend on the strength and format, so check with the company the recommended dosages. A popular way of using CBD is in vape form. Your choice of flavoured e-liquid will be infused with CBD. 

If you’re used to using a vape, this will be a great way of incorporating CBD into your lifestyle. For fast acting ways of using CBD, capsules and patches are the one for you. Capsules can be taken when you feel necessary, and patches can be worn discreetly during the day. For all forms of CBD, it’s important to check the dosage instructions to get the desired result and limit side effects. 

Things to be aware of when using CBD oil 

If you’re already on some form of medication but want to try CBD, get in touch with a GP first to make sure it won’t react with what you’re already taking. It’s advised not to use CBD oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Similarly, you should be aware that the long-term effects of using CBD regularly, whatever the strength, is still unknown. Due to being a natural product, it can take a while to have the desired effect. 

Oils, capsules, and edibles tend to take a while to be absorbed by your body. Once you get used to taking them, they will start to soothe pain and reduce anxiety symptoms. This also applies to CBD in skincare. It may have a calming and soothing effect when first used, but this could be the other ingredients in the product. It will take regular use for the CBD to work and produce long lasting results. To ensure that you find cheap CBD products that are safe for your health, find a company with a solid reputation. One way to do this is to look for reviews from medical experts and past customers. You can also check out online forums to see what people say about different CBD brands as well as fact-based reviews by experts who work in third-party labs.

Using CBD as a treatment

CBD is a really useful treatment for a variety of causes and is favoured by many as an alternative treatment. With such a vast range of products available, it’s hard to know which ones will be best suited to you. Don’t be afraid of trying out various forms for your particular concern. With it being so common, you need to make sure you buy a high-grade CBD from a laboratory tested company. With Peak Organics for example, you’re guaranteed high quality products for reasonable prices, from a professional brand.

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