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8 Autumn/Winter Essentials Every Guy Needs

Autumn is here, that means it’s time to prep your wardrobe for what’s to come. It's time to put away the airy linen, cotton and nylon fabrics and bring forth those heavier weight seasonally appropriate wool, cashmere, and leather options! Also, keep in mind that your autumn/winter pieces should revolve around how the temperature changes according to where you’ll be. That’s why it’s always best to have items you can easily layer over or under so you can quickly peel them off as you step in and out of cooler temperatures. To help you out a bit, check out these 8 best autumn/winter essentials every man needs that’ll keep you looking great and warm during the chillier season ahead.

Pullover Sweater 

Wool and cashmere sweaters go hand-in-hand with an autumn/winter wardrobe -- they’re kind of like the cinnamon to your spiced latte (not to mention how soft and luxurious they are). Be prepared to layer it under your favourite Peacoat, or just wear it over a fresh tee or button up shirt. 


Corduroy Trousers 

Cords have been in rotation for decades and we don’t expect them to leave us anytime soon. They provide just the right amount of insulation to help you keep nice and toasty, plus they’re really versatile and are the perfect option if you’re looking for something a step above the typical pair of jeans.

Leather Jacket 

A well-crafted leather jacket is an absolute must-have for any man’s wardrobe. The great thing about it is that you can expect to wear it for years to come and it’ll only get finer with age. Pick from options like the biker or bomber jacket depending on what best suits your personal style. I’d just suggest choosing one with minimal hardware, as the ornamental ones can skew a bit on the excessive side.

Trunk Clothiers
Trunk Clothiers

Classic Boots 

A sturdy lace up boot provides just the right amount of class, masculinity and utility. And while they may share many of the same practicalities as rain or snow boots, they hold much more of a sharp and refined aesthetic compared to just the practical aspect of most utilitarian boots. Wear them casually with a pair of jeans, or kick things up a notch and team them with a nice pair of chinos or wool trousers. 


A simple scarf will do the trick, but you can always go for something a little extra like a fringed hemline or a fun pattern to add interest. Just make sure the fabric is merino wool or cashmere for top-line insulation.

Joseph Cheaney
Joseph Cheaney

Wool Ties and Pocket Squares 

The most important thing to note is that balance is king with these. That means, if you decide to wear a tie and a pocket square at the same time (you don’t have to, but if you do) keep one of the two un-patterned or solid. So, if you decide on a polka dot tie, your pocket square should just be one solid colour. 

Wool Caps 

This is one of the quickest ways to top things off with a little extra warmth and style. The one thing I’d keep an eye out for is how it may limp your hairstyle after taking it off. If that happens, no worries, just be sure to keep your favourite pomade or other hair product of choice handy for quick retouch situations.

Jones Bootmaker
Jones Bootmaker

Skincare Products 

Dry skin can be a total nightmare, especially as the temperature drops. It can crack, peel, and even start to burn if left unprotected, so you’ll definitely want to protect yourself in advance. If you haven’t already, develop a twice a day skincare regime and make sure to finish things off with a dense moisturiser.

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