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How to Surprise Your Wife with a Romantic Trip to NYC

You and your wife may have already built a solid marriage on foundations of mutual respect, love, and devotion; but with the everyday grind and busy routine, it can sometimes become a bit hard to remind your significant other just how much you appreciate them. An idea that never fails is to plan a romantic and exciting surprise trip for your spouse. Sometimes it's necessary to treat your partner to something extraordinarily special and outside of the ordinary; this will show them how much you care about seeing them happy and relaxed.

Everyday life in this day and age is centred around work and maximum productivity, rather than interpersonal relationships and aiming for simple comfort and happiness. This can keep you and your significant other distracted from each other, unable to spend a healthy amount of quality time together. Scheduling and planning a holiday now and then to spend some quality time with your loved one will strengthen your relationship and both your mental and emotional condition. To help you out with your choices, here are some tips if you are planning on surprising your significant other with a romantic trip to none other than New York City.

Take Her Shopping 

New York has a variety of high-end and top-quality stores in whatever field you can possibly imagine. Go shopping together and make a fun trip out of checking a few items off of your wishlists. This is a good way to spend some low-maintenance quality time together strolling through different Fifth Avenue and SoHo. If you are new to New York, here are some of the most famous places you can shop from: Union Square Green Market, Saks Fifth Avenue, Chelsea Market, Bloomingdale’s, Westfield World’s Trade Center, Grand Central Market, Brookfield Place, Color Factory, and The Shops at Columbus Circle. 

Plan a Private Photo Tour 

Another way to make this trip the most memorable surprise for your wife is to plan a private photoshoot in New York's most famous destinations. This way, you can preserve those precious moments in the best quality; she will always smile whenever she sees these pictures up on your walls back at home. It would be best if you do not restrict yourself to the professional photoshoot only; instead, you could try to snap some photos of your partner in their most favourite spots, and of the beautiful places you visit throughout your travels in New York.

Book a Romantic Hotel Suite 

One of the most important things you need to arrange while planning a romantic trip is a luxurious and romantic suite in one of the best hotels to surprise your wife. Most people in New York love Rochester due to its culture of music and festivals. The local people there are very hospitable; that’s why the best hotels in Rochester, NY recommend certain family festivals, shopping areas, artisan destinations, and other attractions that double the excitement and entertainment level for tourists. To benefit from the festivals, you must do proper research before booking a hotel and ensure your hotel is near the tourist attractions you and your partner are most excited about. 

Attend New York’s Hottest Pre-Dawn Party 

In different areas of New York, each morning, dance parties are arranged for tourists, especially for couples. These events are your chance to fall in love with your wife all over again, dancing with her like the first time you both danced together. These parties are known as “Daybreakers” and can dance however you want, letting all the negativity and stress out and starting your day with a refreshed and energised mental palette. There are a few places that offer these types of parties including William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg and Paradise Club in Times Square, etc.

Explore Artistic Destinations 

Planning a day where you and your wife explore some artistic destinations can help you both know much more about each other. You can make a list of the places and artists you are each interested in, and start planning a tour yourself! Some of the most known artistic destinations in NY are: Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters, Gagosian Gallery, Christie's, Park Avenue Armory, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Madison Square Park, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and Whitney Museum of American Art 

Arrange a Horse Carriage Ride 

One of the most beautiful ways to make your wife feel special is to arrange a horse-drawn carriage ride, especially if she is a fan of Cinderella and other fairy tales. This magical surprise will make her feel extremely special, especially if she is into that vibe. You can enjoy your memorable date in the carriage by planning the route yourself or hiring a guided tour service.

Making special efforts for the people you love only helps you water your relationship and watch it grow even stronger with time. In any relationship, making sure you both know how much you love and appreciate one another is key to a comfortable and healthy bond. Thoughtful and considerate gifts are ones that take into account your partner’s personality and interests, showing that you care about their happiness more than anything else.


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