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Must-Have Garment Care Essentials for Every Man’s Wardrobe

Life happens, making it that much easier to disregard proper storage and upkeep of your wardrobe. I mean, to be honest, your clothes spend a lot of time resting in your wardrobe, drawers and shelves, so it only makes sense that they're stored away in proper fashion. Not only that, but the way your items are kept seriously affects their longevity. Lots of us would rather not go into extreme organising tactics, but the tidier things are, the less frazzled you’ll become -- as long as you have a few key things in place to keep your wardrobe intact, you’ll make getting dressed each morning a hell of a lot easier. 

Sturdy Hangers 

Lots of wardrobe stylists recommend felt hangers for tops and bottoms -- I’m just not the biggest fan. I always advise opting for a durable wooden hanger. They’re more aesthetically pleasing, and the thicker frame will help preserve the fabric and shape of your garment.

Wooden Shoe Trees 

All shoes, from dressy to casual, should be stored with shoe trees, and that’s for two reasons: one, it helps to catch moisture that could lead to fungal or bacterial growth, and two, it helps smooth out any cracks or creases from daily wear so your shoes remain in great shape. Bonus points for the lovely wood aroma that helps freshen them up after a long day. 

Long Shoehorn 

Shoehorns are a must have, but don’t just go for any regular-shmegular one. Go for the crème de la crème, Aka the long handle ones. What’s great about these is that you don’t have to worry about the possibility of the back of your shoes caving in from the constant pressure of stepping into them in a crunch. Shoehorns will help provide you with extra space, so you glide your foot in with ease. The extended handle makes things even more hassle-free and easier.

Clothing Wipes 

Skip the washing machine for a while. If you happen to notice a stain on your trousers or jacket, do a quick spot clean. Clothes tend to wear a lot faster from all the turbulence of the washer, so the less machine washing use, the better. Instead, keep clothing wipes handy for emergencies. 

Fabric Brushes 

It can be quite a pain to constantly have to pick off dust particles, hair and loose seams caught in your favourite cashmere sweater. That’s why I highly recommend fabric brushes. They also help to raise the fabric up again, restore its lustre and natural oils, keeping your garment in tip-top condition. With just a few sweeps your garment will look like it did the first day you bought it.

Garment Bags 

These aren't just made for travels; if you’d rather not have your custom bespoke dressier items left vulnerable to deterioration, keep them in garment bags and suit carriers. They’ll be sure to protect your shirts, jackets and trousers from dust, moths, and moisture in your wardrobe, plus keep things flat, clean, and wrinkle-free while you travel. 


If you can conjure up the energy to merchandise your wardrobe like a pro, go for it! Similar to a clothing store, you’ll want to have seasonally appropriate items ready front and centre, along with all similar colours and styles grouped together. You'll be so much more relieved when you step foot into a beautifully organised wardrobe where everything is streamlined and easy as pie to find.

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