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5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit

When women talk about wedding dresses, they often firstly think about bridesmaid dresses. Of course, it often takes months to find the perfect wedding dress, especially if your significant other didn't find a good designer such as Papilio, Justin Alexander and Naira Arutyunian. But more important to us men is the suit for the groom and groomsmen which is also a very important detail at the big celebration. Here we have compiled a list of 7 main rules to help you find the perfect wedding suit.

Which fabric to choose 

Various materials are suitable for a wedding suit, but it is better if these are natural fabrics. If the wedding is planned for the cold season, it is better to take a woolen, tweed or semi-woolen version with a lining. For the summer season, suits made of silk, linen, viscose or cotton with a small percentage of synthetics are great options. In such an outfit, you can feel comfortable both in a stuffy room and outside. Natural fabrics look good and fit well, whereas a synthetic suit is much cheaper and you'll likely get a bit sweaty.

Adam James Bespoke
Adam James Bespoke

Wedding suit colour 

The classic of the genre is a light suit in summer and a dark one in winter. In principle, it is not necessary to follow this rule, because if your bride-to-be's wedding dress suits the image, it does not matter what shade you choose. A suit or a jacket of sand colour or dark blue, teamed with white or classic black is perfectly combined with a white or light pink dress. A champagne or cream-colored dress will look good on the bride when the groom is walking next to her in a suit of cream or off-white shades. If the bride prefers a blue dress, the groom should look for an outfit in a similar dark blue or grey tone. 

Suit by size 

First you need to know the size of your trousers and jacket. The figures of most men are far from the reference parameters, so it often happens that the top and bottom of the suit are needed in different sizes. To do this, you need to measure: shoulder length, chest girth, waist girth, sleeve length, and hips. You can read more about how to find out your suit size here. Do not add or subtract centimetres hoping that you will lose weight or get pumped up. Most likely this will not happen, and you will be forced to rush to a tailor for emergency alternations a few days before the wedding. 

Jacket Rules 

The main rule - the fit of the wedding suit jacket must be perfect. A wedding suit jacket should be single-breasted with two or three buttons. Go for double vents at the back, two trouser pockets, adjusters so you can go beltless, a breast pocket, and a buttonhole on the lapel. 

Rent or Buy? 

This is your choice and it often comes down to budget. Sure, you can rent a suit with different accessories, and you can make it look good. You can also have more minor alterations and will have more opportunities to choose a truly royal costume. However, there is a chance that the suit will not fit you perfectly, especially if you have a non-standard figure. 

MAHI Leather
MAHI Leather

We hope that this article will help you clarify some points when choosing a suit for a wedding, and you will be dazzling on this solemn day. But the only thing you really shouldn't forget is that a suit is just a suit. It is not more important than a person and should only emphasise style and individuality.

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