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The Best Overnight Bags for Men

Mens weekend bags or overnight bags are great travel bags and are a convenient and stylish way for men to carry all their essentials when they leave the house. While ladies have been using handbags and purses for many years, men usually just stuff their wallet, keys, phone, and maybe a comb into the pockets of their trousers. A weekender bag will not only carry your belongings and essentials but will also keep them safe and secure. It's all about the quality and durability of the bag you choose - after all, no one wants to be stuck with a broken strap or torn pocket after just a few outings. Here we bring you some of the best overnight bags for men that can meet these requirements.

How To Find The Right Overnight Bag

The first thing to consider when choosing the right overnight bag is how you're going to be using it. If you plan on using your overnight bag mostly for work but desire style, then a mens designer briefcase, with many compartments and pockets may be the best choice for you, this will allow you to keep all of your papers and supplies in one place. If you need something that will allow you to be more active but still want style, durability and reliability, then a mens backpack might be what you’re looking for. If you’re on the go, maybe you ride a motorcycle or are an active runner etc., you may want to check out some of the best backpacks for men. Be sure that whatever kind of overnight bag that you choose, has enough space for all your belongings, whether it's plenty of little pockets within the main compartment or just one large hole where everything goes into.


What is an overnight bag used for? 

There are a lot of different reasons that one might need an overnight bag. The most common is staying away at someone else's home at the weekend, like a friend's, boyfriend/girlfriend's, or relative's home. It's an inconvenience having to carry everything all day long, so weekend bags are the perfect solution to this. 

What size is an overnight bag? 

Overnight bags for men come in many shapes and sizes depending on the style and how much you plan on storing within the bag. Men's overnight bags are built much like ladies' purses, the strap has got to be long enough that it can comfortably rest across their chest while still being short enough that they don't bump into anything around them.

Carl Friedrik
Carl Friedrik

Key Features of Overnight Bags

Durable Materials

Overnight bags for men need to be durable. This is a no-brainer, but they also have to be comfortable, and they often have padded straps and a soft fabric shell that is scratch-resistant. One of the most common wrongdoings with some overnight bag design is attempting to save time and money by using weak or poor-quality materials rather than investing in something longer lasting and more comfortable. 

Strong Stitching

Bags made of poor stitching will wear out much faster, and this can lead to them getting caught on things, and tearing open, ruining everything inside. Make sure you buy something from a reputable brand where they offer warranties or at least lets you return the product within a reasonable amount of time after purchase. 

Strap Protection

Any overnight bag that is going to be over-stuffed could do with some extra protection on the straps where they cross over each other or are near zippers that can dig into them easily. Having some strap protection will help to prevent your clothes from getting caught in the zip, or tearing away at your clothes later.

Steele & Borough
Steele & Borough

Double Zippers

Small overnight bags are better off with double zippers rather than single ones for security reasons. If you're in a newer city then walking around alone or even in groups can be dangerous, so having two zippers will make it more difficult for someone to get inside your bag without your consent. 

Multiple Internal and External Pockets

One of the most important things about overnight bags is being able to have a ton of different compartments so you can organize your things better rather than having everything thrown in a single compartment all over the place. This helps with finding smaller items that might tumble out from bigger ones or from squishing them together into one mess, and it also just gives you more room to be comfortable as there won't be anything restricted. 

Water resistance

Even though overnight bags aren't designed for long hikes, they're still going to be worn when it's raining since you can't stay inside forever, and you have places to go! Having a water-resistant bag will go a long way in protecting the contents of your bag when it rains.


Know The Level of Security Needed

If you live in a very high crime area or are going to be traveling to a new or unknown, possibly foreign destination, then you need an overnight bag with the ultimate amount of security. All zippers should have double sliders, there should be lots of internal and external pockets, so everything is easy to find without having to rummage through everything else, and you'll probably want a zipper that extends all the way down until it meets the base no matter what type of bag it is. 

10 Best Overnight Bags for Men

Carl Friedrik: The overnight bag from Carl Friedrik is superior for carrying goods while traveling and features high quality durable materials. 

Steele & Borough: This new line of men's bags is designed with a very rugged look, made to last many years if properly treated, and comes in many different colours and styles, depending on your personal taste. 

Herschel: Herschel's journey has a wide range of men's bags that have been made with the company's signature canvas to make it last a very long time. 

Rains: This urban and stylish overnight bag features a detachable, adjustable strap as well as reusable packaging, so you won't have to worry about soggy paperwork.


Coleman: The Coleman company is respected in their field worldwide for making high-quality products that are designed to last for many years in all weather conditions. their men's overnight bags are no exception. 

Everlane: This medium-size overnight bag is made from cotton and a synthetic blend of polyester that will keep your belongings safe and dry in rainy weather. 

Mismo: The Mismo men's overnight bag can fit more than just clothes and features two zippers to ensure the contents stays secure while traveling. 

Klein: the Klein company has been making recreational products for over twenty-five years because their quality construction, durability, and performance are clearly what users want. 

Fjallraven: The Fjallraven brand has been in business since 1960 and make all of their products in Sweden, including this great overnight bag. 

Nixon: This is a small overnight bag so it can't fit all of your necessities, but you will have enough room for your essentials, and it's made from tough cordura material.


In the end, overnight bags are a must-have for any traveller. whether you're going back and forth to work, staying overnight somewhere at the weekend, or taking an intensive vacation down some unfamiliar pathway, they will do their best to keep your belongings safe, so you don't need to worry as much when you're away from home.

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