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The Future of Menswear: Plain not Boring

When you ask fashion designers what today’s men are looking for, when it comes to clothes, they’ll almost always have the word “simple”, "minimal" or “plain” in their response. It could be easy to mistake this for clothes that have no particular flavour, but that would definitely be wrong. Although men tend to be more classical in their choice of clothing than women, they also like to have an element of style. 

Putting on the “Expensive” Look 

What men like project the most in their style is to look as if they have made it in life. That is why they tend to add accessories to their wardrobe that will portray such an image onto others. A high-quality watch, such as a Rolex, is a good example of that. Gold rings or jewellery from designers are also very popular. But we can safely say that a men's real fur coat is probably the one element that speaks louder, especially when it comes to looking sharp and luxurious. That is why, from autumn through spring, it isn’t rare in the city to cross a man wearing leather and fur outerwear as a style statement.

Dennis Basso
Dennis Basso

Looking for Comfort 

Tomorrow’s clothes for men will be as far away from the suit and tie, whenever possible. That is because men don’t like to feel strapped into their clothes anymore. They want to wear flowing shirts and trousers that are not wound too tight around them. This fashion statement comes from a need of liberty, that most men look for nowadays. The simple idea of a tie around their neck is too restricting and makes them search for air. Even the fabrics and textiles that make up their clothes will feel lighter on their skin. Comfort will also be found in the footwear they wear. Anything that doesn’t feel like a pillow to their foot will be out of the question.

David Gandy Wellwear
David Gandy Wellwear

A Statement made through Quality 

Men have understood that quality speaks for itself, especially when it comes to clothes. When they dress well, there is no need for bright colours or heavy accessories. Quality is what makes people turn around and look twice, and men sometimes like to be the centre of attention. Whereas plain was once thought of as boring, it has now moved on to the category of good taste. It is better to buy less and strive to get more out of the shirts, jackets and trousers that they own. That is the new mentality men have now adopted, and it should remain that way.

Johnstons of Elgin
Johnstons of Elgin


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