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Dress for Success: Men's Guide for Comfortable Work Clothes

Studies show that it takes merely a few seconds for people to form an opinion of you. While this opinion may be biased and untrue, it does not matter to the human mind due to something known as the ‘primacy effect’. No matter how capable and smart you are, if you do not make a great first impression, chances are, people will not make the right perceptions. How we dress forms a great part of this impression, kicking in even before we speak or exhibit behaviours. Read on to find how you can make a killer impression at your workplace without compromising on your comfort.

Changing Times 

Contrary to popular belief, men also have a lot of choices in workwear, the same way women do. This is evident from the fact that men's work clothes have evolved from the classic three-piece suit for men in the 1950s and 1960s to sophisticated workwear tailored to perfection. With the options available today, the modern man can find comfort without going out of style. However, choosing the right balance between the two can seem like a daunting task. This is where your expectations come in.


Expectation Setting 

If you are beginning a new job, you can avoid the confusion with neutral colours that create effortless pairing with anything you already have in your wardrobe. Shades of Black, White, and Beige never go out of fashion despite the changing seasons. Custom-tailored suits in these neutral colours are best for official engagements but if you find that too formal, you can drop the jacket and voila, you're good to go! 

Casual Vs Professional 

Although the lines between the two have blurred in the last few years, there are die-hard proponents for each side. If you want to go for an uber-formal look, match a pair of oxford shoes with an elegant suit, tailored to perfection. Complete this with a tie, white shirt, cufflinks and dark socks. For a more comfortable and casual-professional look, you can opt for a polo shirt and sweater instead of your suit jacket. While there is more room for experimentation with belt colours and shoe designs, keep in mind that anything too loud or flashy is not recommended.

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Accessories are a significant part of the modern man’s workplace attire. Whether it is watches or belts, keeping some simple tips in mind would not just complete your look, but make you stand out. For instance, it is ideal to match the colour of your shoes with that of your belt. Minimalism works great when it comes to men's style, and this is why avoiding accessories you are not 100% sure about is the best. 

Tailored Fit 

It’s important that your work clothes fit you just right — neither too tight, nor too loose. This is why nothing comes close to workplace clothing custom-made to perfection by reputed tailoring services and uniform solution providers. If nothing else, superior fit and high-quality materials can easily be your trump cards to win the workplace dressing game.

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