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Proposal Ideas: Should You Consider a Lab
Diamond Engagement Ring?

So now you’ve made the big decision, you’ve decided who you want to be with for the rest of your life. Planning the proposal and picking the perfect lab grown engagement ring can be quite daunting. Read on for some tips and tricks that should make your proposal just that bit easier and hopefully give you the answer you’re been looking for.

Deciding on the Ring 

One, if not the, most important thing on your mind after deciding to propose will be deciding on the ring. The variety and wealth of choices available makes picking out a forever ring that much more difficult, but picking something that your partner will love and within your budget is a top priority. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are a perfect alternative to your traditional engagement ring. Throughout history, engagement rings have always been viewed as an expense that should never be spared on but there are a plethora of options available for those who are conscious of their budget. Meaning lab diamond rings are a perfect ring option for those seeking a more affordable ethical and sustainable option. When opting for lab diamond rings it means that dreaming big can be a reality for a fraction of the price. Choosing to buy online not only offers you more options but is also competitively priced. Lily Arkwright are a leading UK lab grown jewellery specialist company that operate internationally, offering luxurious and ethically sourced jewellery at an amazing price point. 

Plan the Ring in Advance 

Engagement rings usually take a few weeks to be made, especially if you’ve opted for a bespoke piece, so it makes sense to plan in advance so it arrives in the timeframe you want. All of Lily Arkwright’s rings are made by their expert UK Goldsmiths and have a number of strict quality control checks. As members of the National Association of Jewellers, they can guarantee that all of their jewellery meets and exceeds legal requirements having been independently tested and hallmarked, proving their outstanding quality to customers.

A Sentimental Location 

Making sure that you ask in a romantic setting is pretty crucial. Whether that is a public affair with an audience or a small private occasion with no pressure, making sure you ask in a romantic and sentimental setting is the crucial point. The place where you had your first date, first became a couple, or even on a holiday somewhere you’ve always wanted to go together; asking for someone's hand in marriage is the definition of a big commitment and taking the time to choose the right location is essential.

Keep the Ring Hidden 

One of the joys of proposing is the surprise factor, and making sure that your significant other has no idea what’s coming. The big giveaway will of course be an engagement ring that’s been squirrelled away in a drawer only to be discovered. Make sure that any ring purchase is very well hidden when it arrives.

Why Choose a Lab Grown Engagement Ring in the First Place?

Gemstones grown in a lab are an amazing option for a number of reasons. The price of lab diamond rings are around 30% less than their mined diamond counterparts and the clarity, carat size and huge range of available cuts mean that a dream engagement ring will not only be dreamed about but be complete reality! Thus offering couples a hard-wearing and beautiful option that is both aspirational and achievable. In addition to the drastic cost benefit, the ethical and sustainable nature of lab grown gemstones is another draw that has made lab diamonds a popular engagement ring choice. As no mining is involved in their production, customers can be safely assured that no person or environment was harmed. The cutting edge technology that allows for lab grown gemstones is a more ethical choice, and all Lily Arkwright’s moissanite, diamonds and Chatham coloured gemstones cut out the need for mining. There is no difference chemically and aesthetically between a gemstone grown in the lab and those found in the earth, it is only their origin that is different. Choosing to propose is a massive decision, but making sure you have the right ring is vital. 

If you’d like to find out any more information regarding lab grown engagement rings and why they might be the right choice for you, visit the Lily Arkwright website or get in contact with one of their expert jewellery consultants via email [email protected] or phone 0161 537 6773.

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