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In Conversation with Brendan Murdock of anatome

anatome are a natural health+ wellness brand and community built on the principle that nutritional + emotional balance is the pathway to a fulfilled life. Founder Brendan Murdock is passionate about the apothecaries of old that dispensed herbal remedies, potions and lotions to support health and wellbeing. Working with botanicals and essential oils for many years and through his creative passions and interest in food, perfume, and skincare he had a deep desire to update and reinvent the apothecary for a new generation. The result is a place you can visit not only to shop for the finest products he and his team have developed, but also to speak to health practitioners and receive advice and the strategies you need to support your wellbeing.

In a recent episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast we interviewed Brendan Murdock, Founder of anatome about his entrepreneurial background and his journey to launching an apothecary business. Peter Brooker and Brendan talked about modernising an industry, aromatherapy, customer profiling, wellness routines, sourcing and manufacturing.

For April 2022, anatomé have exciting new products and have just launched 4 new sleep soundtracks to create a sensory experience with the brand’s 4 sleep oils. The collaboration is with recording artist, Snoozy, produced and mixed with Grammy award winning producer, Jonathan Quarmby and will be streamed on Apple and Spotify. Clients are encouraged to listen to the recordings before sleeping, simultaneously applying the sleep oils or pillow spray for an immersive sensory experience. The 4 tracks take the listener on a sonic journey through the landscapes linking them to the ingredients of each anatomé sleep oil blend, Cornish Lavender, Somali Frankincense, Blue Chamomile and Japanese Seaweed. Grounded in sleep science, peer reviewed studies have found that listening to natural sound affects the bodily systems that control the ‘flight or fright’ and rest digest but autonomic nervous systems with associated effects in the resting activity of the brain.

“People are looking to put themselves at ease. Less stress, more mindful, and they're more aware of their physical wellbeing. People are waking up and doing mindful practice such as yoga, and they're not necessarily drinking alcohol at the level that some of us may have done years ago. There’s a customer base that's very aware about how they want to feel. They want to be able to sleep and to be happy. And ultimately, maybe anatome can support one's happiness.” 

This is a shortened transcribed edit of episode 167 of the MenswearStyle Podcast with Brendan Murdock, Founder of anatome. You can listen to the full version on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favourite podcast player.

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