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How to Look Good And Feel Great in Older Age

Getting older can sometimes mean that we start to look different, and this can affect our confidence and self-esteem. While many men look distinguished as they get older, it’s easy to lose your confidence as you age and feel that you don’t look as attractive as you once did when you were younger. Thankfully, there are many simple ways that modern men can enhance their looks and learn to feel better about themselves as they age. Here are some practical tips to help ensure that you look good and feel even better as you grow older and more refined.

Wear Sunscreen 

In your 20s and even 30s, you might have been too busy to think about small nuisances like the sun and how it affects your skin. As you get older, you might find that sun damage can exacerbate the signs of ageing in your skin, leaving it looking tired, worn and weathered. While a little weatherbeaten ruggedness looks good on a man, too much can be unattractive and make you look significantly older than you actually are. Also, significant sun damage can lead to other health issues, including skin cancer. To protect your skin and reduce the signs of ageing, you should wear sunscreen every day, even when it’s cold. The sun is still shining in winter, after all. Choose a lightweight sunscreen with a high SPF and try to apply it at least 3 times a day to ensure that you’re constantly protected.


Take Good Care Of Your Teeth (And Smile More)

A winning smile is the best accessory a man can have, and that means that your teeth need to be in top condition. As you get older, your teeth might start to yellow, or you might notice imperfections such as crookedness or gaps that you didn’t see before. If you think that your teeth need whitening or straightening, or just want some expert guidance on how to enhance your smile, then you could visit the Covent Garden Dental Spa. One of the leading recommended dentists in London, this dental practice offers a wide range of cutting-edge dental treatments, so you can enhance your smile and feel confident. Making your smile look as gleaming white and pristine as possible will encourage you to use it more, and a smiling, happy man always looks younger and more attractive than a scowling one. 

Choose a Short Hairstyle 

Many men can be subject to hair loss as they age, as well as other issues such as greying hair, circular bald patches at the back of the head, or a receding hairline. With these issues, the best approach is not to brazen them out, but to cut your hair shorter to minimise the effect they have. Cutting your hair short will help hide any thinning areas and make your grey hairs less prominent. The length you decide to go for will depend on your style and the amount of hair you have left. If your hair is thinning significantly, then you should consider cutting your hair as close to your head as possible. On the other hand, if your hair is only starting to thin, you might be able to get away with a slightly longer cut. Talk to your barber to get their expert opinion on cutting and styling your hair as you age so that you can look great and don’t have to worry about thin spots and grey hairs.

Keep An Eye On Your Weight 

Many men develop a ‘beer belly’, or extra fat around their stomach, as they get older. There are many reasons for weight gain as we age, but predominantly this is due to the fact that our metabolism slows, and we usually don’t do as much exercise. If you don’t adjust your diet to suit a slower pace as you get older, then you could find that you gain weight. To avoid weight gain, you should weigh yourself every few months and try to adjust your diet to your schedule. So, if you start to slow down and stop doing as many physical activities, then you should try to eat less high-protein and carb-heavy meals and snacks. If you’re unsure about your diet and how it relates to your age, talk to your doctor, who can recommend meal plans or refer you to a dietician if required. Keeping your weight at the right level can help you to maintain your self-esteem as you grow older and set you apart from other men your age. 

Dress For Your Age 

The clothes you wear have a significant effect on your self-esteem, as well as the way others perceive you. So, it’s crucial that you find the right style and adapt as you get older. Learn how to dress as you get older and adapt your wardrobe to fit. Choose wardrobe staples such as a smart suit and then add extras such as polo shirts for a casual look or buttoned shirts for a more formal outfit. Make sure that your clothes are well ironed and clean at all times because with age, the grungier look you might have been able to pull off will now start to look like sloppiness. By taking the time to choose the right clothes and take care of them, you can make yourself look and feel comfortable and distinguished.


Don’t Overthink It 

When you’re worried about your looks, it’s easy to overthink every tiny detail and assume everyone notices each individual line or grey hair. Remember that most people won’t notice, and those who do will still care for you and respect you. Ageing is a natural process, and it’s important to remember that it’s going to happen whether we like it or not. So, it would help if you tried to embrace your ageing looks so that you can look good and feel confident. These tips should help you to find small ways to adapt to your age, and help you to feel more comfortable in your skin as you mature.

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