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Introducing Duke + Dexter Spring/Summer 2022

This summer, Duke + Dexter want to take you away. Not to a specific place, but to a time, where the sun is shining, the days are long, and the company couldn’t be any better. The footwear brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection is inspired by leisure. The greenery of a country club, the free aesthetic of the 1980s and 1990s, and a sense of freedom that only comes with playing your summer soundtrack with the roof down. They want to make those moments real and bring them to you in a way only they can – so in February, 7 of the D+D team boarded a plane at a very grey looking Heathrow and headed over the pond in pursuit of the sun. This shoot really reflects their time in California together – rather than a polished campaign full of pictures of good-looking models, it’s a series featuring designers, photographers, friends of the brand and even some of Holmby Park Lawn Bowling Club’s seasoned professionals, all doing what they do best and genuinely enjoying the whole process along the way.

Time + Place 

Time + Place is a concept built to forget the days of flawless models and faceless brands – it’s about showing you the reality of the D+D brand, the people behind it and what it means to them: special moments with great people. It sums up what the brand is all about – deeply passionate and talented people, who are out to push for change in an industry that’s increasingly shifting towards something we hate: fast fashion. The team do it with conviction; creating styles and stories that exist for a reason. It’s this purposeful drive and desire to always be better that makes us who we are.

1OF1 Custom Sneaker lab

D+D love to make shoes that no one else can – and they know that sometimes you need footwear that’s not only exclusive, but personal too. That’s why they’ve started 1OF1, a customisation service, giving you the chance to treat any of their footwear designs as a blank canvas. Run by their in-house artist, Jess, you’ll take full control of the design process – so whether you’re opting to add your initials on the heel, change the colours of the sneaker, or pick completely new materials, you know that your 1OF1’s come with the same quality and comfort you’ve come to expect. They make the process easy - from an initial consultation with Jess, to your 1OF1’s being delivered a few weeks later, they’ll keep you updated throughout and create a pair of D+Ds that are solely yours and can’t be replicated. 


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