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Introducing Thermostat Mini with Hive

The current cost of living, in the UK, is undoubtedly a rather daunting subject, but there are ways of easing the pain of paying those mammoth monthly bills. Let us introduce you to Hive’s Thermostat Mini: a tiny, yet handy, piece of smart heating technology that currently services millions of homes in the country. Hive puts control of your home’s heating and electricity right into the palm of your hand, making life not only less stressful but more sustainable and efficient. We’ve all had that sinking thought on the bus on our way to work, remembering we’ve left the lights on in the kitchen. Well, now there’s no need to dash back, just jump on your Hive app and switch it off at a click of your smartphone. Thanks to Hive, it’s just as easy to control the technology when outside your home as it is being sat in your home.

Hive offers a variety of high-tech smart devices; from dimmable lightbulbs and motion sensors to outdoor security cameras and electric vehicle charging stations. In the last month, they have added to their portfolio by launching their more affordable Thermostat Mini (costing £59 on its own or £119 with the Hive Hub). This compact box (at approximately 8.4cms square) will fit into any home; it’s sleek and compact in design with a reflective finish and can be hidden out of sight or happily left out on display.

Some of the key features of the Hive Thermostat Mini include Geolocation, which when linked up with a Hive Door Sensor will notify you when you’ve left your home and left the heating on. Plus, there is Frost Protection where the Thermostat will turn on if the temperature drops below 7 degrees; preventing your pipes from freezing. We’re obviously moving out of the colder months (hopefully!), in the UK, and so the Hive Thermostat Mini will be ideal for when you go away on your holidays. You can schedule in when you leave and return, and even have the hot water ready and heating up for a nice shower after you get back from a long-haul flight; it’s literally all in the app. And, of course, one of the most important benefits of the Thermostat Mini is reducing carbon emissions. Knowing exactly how much energy you are using at home, helps to create awareness of how much of an impact we are having on the environment, and it encourages us to be more careful. The schedule feature on the app is extremely efficient and you’ll be surprised by how much money you will save throughout the year.

For any technophobes out there (surely, there can’t be many reading this…) you have absolutely nothing to worry about, as setting up the Thermostat Mini couldn’t be any simpler. Before you go drilling holes in your walls, you’ll probably want to get your local electrician in, but once your wires are connected, you’re ready to go. If you don’t already have the Hive Hub, you’ll need this to link up your Hive products to the app. The new thermostat will work with Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa, so if you’re feeling particularly lazy you can even talk to it. Plus, it will work with most standard heating and boiler systems. Hive products are there to make life simpler, and your home smarter. The Thermostat Mini has already won awards for its design and it’s not surprising with its highly successful cost-saving functions. 

This post is in conjunction with Hive but all thoughts are my own.

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