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7 Clothing Essentials Every Man Needs

Men aren’t always in the habit of regularly refreshing their wardrobes. In fact, if you are a man, you could have added to the clothes in your wardrobe on a piece-by-piece basis, potentially leaving you with a ragtag selection of disparate items that were never really intended to be worn together. So, if you are now overhauling your wardrobe, what should it definitely contain?

White collared shirt 

According to celebrity stylist Amanda Sanders, who has served Chris Rock, Jeff Goldblum and Dave Chapelle, a shirt like this can serve as the foundation for various other outfits. Sanders tells Insider that a white shirt “can be worn tucked in with a suit, and it can be worn untucked with the sleeves kind of rolled up, hanging outside with a pair of jeans.” Online, it’s not hard to buy great-value white collared shirts for men.


Dark-wash jeans 

As already alluded to, these can complement the shirt. Sanders expresses a preference for dark jeans in particular because “dark will always wash out to be a little lighter. It also tends to look dressier and cleaner.” 

Dark suit 

While a black suit might initially spring to mind, a navy suit would actually be more versatile. This is because, while a black suit would typically be worn at a wedding or a funeral, this attire wouldn’t transfer quite as well to the business space. A navy suit, in contrast, can be worn in offices as well as at weddings and funerals. 

White trainers 

Key to the appeal of white leather tennis shoes is that you can wear them in a wide range of settings — including the pub, the office and, of course, at home. Nonetheless, you ought to be selective about what pair of white trainers you do buy. GQ advises: “Look for a clean, minimalist pair with smooth but sturdy leather that will retain its shape. Once you find them, cherish them… and don’t mess them up.”


Denim jacket 

This works well as an all-year-round wardrobe inclusion largely on account of its versatility. It can look just right in summer, when the temperature outside isn’t quite enough to keep you warm. However, even in the colder months, a denim jacket can form just one of multiple layers you slip into. One especially good idea would be to pair the jacket with a hoodie and black jeans. 


You might have recently spotted Prince William wearing these in Leicester Square for a screening of Top Gun: Maverick, and the future king evidently has good taste in footwear. Loafers can be worn without socks in the summer as well as with tonal socks in the winter. These shoes are available in various styles, too. 


Naturally, you would likely only get these out when sunshine is abundant — but Sanders highly recommends them for inclusion in a man’s wardrobe. She advocates having a set of “sportier” shades and a separate set of “dressier” sunglasses, elaborating: “Plastic frames tend to be sportier, and then a dressier look is something that’s an aviator.”

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