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Ways To Improve Your Mental Health This Summer

The Winter months are usually quite hard for people since they have to stay indoors as much as possible. Even the sun is weak and does not give enough warmth to improve mood. All the reasons why everyone had to stay at home, isolate, social distance, quarantine, stay indoors and away from the sun are bound to have taken a toll on your overall mental health and mood. More outgoing people have shown tendencies where they are getting withdrawn. Unfortunately, this condition holds true for children too. Kids born in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic have severe anxiety and stress when they meet other people. They are not used to being held, spoken to, or cuddled by others. These children may also not know how to play with other kids their age, share toys, and make friends. It is necessary to improve overall mental health this summer and ensure that, as a family, you all experience a better way forward. Let us look at how you can improve your mental health this summer and feel like yourself again.

Get Out Of The House

Let’s face it. The foremost thing you should always do is embrace an uncomfortable situation. If you find you have become far too comfortable staying indoors, and yet it is making you anxious, you should take the plunge and step out. Getting plenty of sunshine, going to the beach, reading a book in the garden, meeting a few friends, and catching up with loved ones will help cheer up your mood and improve your overall mental condition. Getting out of the house early in the morning and going for a run, jog, or walk while watching the sunrise will also help with a healthy dose of vitamin D. Exercising helps release endorphins that will trigger a positive response and feeling in your mind and body.

Relax and Unwind

If you’re comfortable in your home space, like spending time in your garden or prefer entertaining from home, you should consider finding ways to relax at home without stressing about everything. Many prefer investing in hot tubs to help relieve pressure, pains, and aches and reduce allergies during summertime. Hot tubs are known to elevate the mood. Since all hot tubs are temperature controlled, using them during the hot summer makes perfect sense to cool down. Instead of sitting in a closed room with an air conditioner, you can take a dip in a fabulous hot tub surrounded by fresh air while you relax and unwind. Ensuring you get fresh air while you are comfortable in your surroundings is critical in improving overall mental health. 

Change your Diet 

It is noted that certain foods and eating habits can help change your mood. While no one is saying binge eat a tub of chocolate ice cream to feel better, it is ideal to include fibrous foods like spinach and green leafy vegetables. A good balance of fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals will help your body get energy and allow you to complete your tasks in time. Many people have also said they feel better when consuming more whole fruits (watermelons, oranges, grapes, strawberries, and more) instead of drinking juices or sugary sweet carbonated drinks. Many have also gone off caffeine (in large amounts) and have opted for low-caffeine or decaf drinks to feel better. When changing the diet, it is best to concentrate on healthier eating habits like switching up the oil, reducing trans fats, increasing fibrous intake, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Keeping the body hydrated also helps improve your disposition.

Meditation and Yoga

Mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, and yoga help calm the mind. Many world-renowned yoga gurus have stressed the importance of practising mind and body techniques to help achieve a zen state of mind to control errant thoughts and stresses. These techniques help acknowledge thoughts instead of trying to block them out and allow the mind and body to become more focused. These yoga exercise techniques have helped countless people learn how to control their bodies, breathe better, become more agile, and get limber. Practising daily to become more peaceful and remain calm has helped practitioners achieve better heights in their work and personal lives. Many practitioners of meditation and yoga have also reported a positive change in their ongoing relationships and have noticed a remarkable drop in aggression, stress and anger. Using these techniques to help improve your mental health beats medicines and unnecessary emotional squabbles, and helps to lead better, fuller lives.

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