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In Conversation with Gordon Bruce of anCnoc Whisky

Gordon Bruce has been with Inverhouse Distillers for 34 years and joined anCnoc in 2006. Day to day - crafting the anCnoc range of whisky, welcoming visitors from around the world and, most recently hosting his podcast ‘Knock Tales’ from his desk at the distillery. A proud Keeper of the Quaich, he is passionate about craft in the truest sense of the word carrying on 125 years of traditional whisky making techniques at one of the most picturesque distilleries in Scotland. anCnoc is a highly respected whisky amongst enthusiasts and a welcoming dram for newcomers. They are known for producing a light, intriguing and thoroughly modern whisky using traditional hands-on methods. The signature whiskies, anCnoc 12 Year Old and Peatheart allow people to discover the lighter and darker notes of whisky within the one brand.

In a recent episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast we interviewed Gordon Bruce, Distillery Manager, anCnoc Whisky about his background and long whisky career. Peter Brooker and Gordon enjoyed a live tasting of anCnoc whiskies and discussed the different notes and flavour profiles. They also talked about the different occasions suitable for whisky drinking, how long a bottle will last once opened, and what peated whisky is.

“There's probably no such thing as a typical day for me. That's the beauty of this job. I've been doing this for a long time. We run the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every now and then, we have an annual vintage release. And that's liquid from a specific calendar year. So, we've actually got the 2009 vintage and they're gorgeous. A similar age and similar cast types to the 12 year old but just a little bit different.” 

This is a shortened transcribed edit of episode 177 of the MenswearStyle Podcast with Gordon Bruce, Distillery Manager at ancnoc.com. You can listen to the full version on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favourite podcast player.

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