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7 Cheap Aftershave Clones that Smell as Good as the Original

Summer has well and truly landed. Chilled beers with friends against a backdrop of blue, cloudless skies whilst enveloped by the gratifyingly warm air and minimal breeze caressing your exposed skin. Your calendar is beginning to overflow with social events, from beachside clubs to garden BBQs and nights on the town. That's a lot of opportunities to impress. Whilst your summer wardrobe might be on point with flattering shades, perfect-fitting chinos and crisp, linen shirts that are liberatingly airy, it's totally incomplete without an aftershave that complements the look you're promoting. It's also understandable that quality scents often cost a small fortune and that you want maximum spends for all the summer fun that you're going to be having. Gents, you need a cheap aftershave dupe that smells just as good as the original it's inspired by. Read on to find your fragrance accompaniment for the summer months from this great selection.

Smells Exactly Like a Best-selling Classic Fragrance: Creed - Aventus 

Men's fragrances don't get more acclaimed or loved than Aventus. As this is an Eau de Parfum with such a prestigious name, you know the price for a bottle is going to induce a statement of 'ouch' when you see it. CopyCat Fragrances sell an Eau de Parfum called Executive that smells just like Aventus and is at an extremely affordable price. It's the perfect amount of sweetness with fruit notes of apple, blackcurrant and pineapple which make it fitting for all of your festivities this summer season. Deep, earthy notes of oakmoss and ambergris combine with the lighter notes to build varied layers of depth. This gives Executive a subtle masculinity that allows it to morph into the refined, quintessential, gentleman and poster boy of the men's fragrance world. With such a pleasing and varied palate of notes, Executive is the epitome of versatility. This means that it smells effortlessly appropriate for all occasions and is why so many men choose it as a signature scent and never look back. They may purchase other aftershaves which they integrate into their current fragrance wardrobe, but the euphoria that one smell of Executive can offer will always bring them back around to using it as a staple aftershave. 

Executive - Inspired By Aventus Perfume | Copycat Fragrances UK

The Men's Fragrance Duper Hero: Chanel - Bleu de Chanel 

Bleu de Chanel is on potentially every man's wish list, unless he already has it that is. This fragrance powerhouse is sophisticated and timelessly irresistible. Although, with great power comes great...RRP. If the towering price tag of Bleu de Chanel leaves you trembling at the knees and clutching your wallet close to your chest, fear not. Humble high street Superdrug has the solution, a dupe aftershave which has been inspired by Bleu. Grapefruit, nutmeg and cardamom make this scent a sensually woody, citrus and spicy party in the nose channeling the deep, brooding Bleu vibes. This is an Eau de Toilette, so it will be a lighter concentration than the Bleu Eau de Parfum. Atelier Vetiver Arome will still have that same irresistible scent however, and is actually more summer appropriate as it's less overwhelming on your admirers' noses than it's EDP counterpart. This is because warmer temperatures cause your fragrance's molecules to disperse at a quicker pace. The outcome being that your scent smells more intense but lasts for less time than when it's colder. For a phenomenally lower cost than Chanel's original, you can have an almost replicated version which smells convincing, and means you get the classy, mysterious allure of Bleu for a fraction of the price. We won't tell anyone! 

Artiscent Atelier Eau De Parfum Vetiver Arome 50ml | Superdrug Vegan Products | Superdrug

Hell-Bent for Tuscan Leather: Tom Ford - Tuscan Leather 

Nothing quite conveys both stylish sophistication and rugged charm like the material, leather. The feel of it between your fingers as its creases rub against one another and give those satisfying creaking noises. The smell that you can't help but inhale deeply as you take it in and come back for more over and over. If you're wearing the leather, it provides you with that stunning aroma which doesn't disappear and you can enjoy throughout the day. Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather scent draws inspiration from the leather experience, although it's on the upper bracket of fragrance pricing. For anyone looking to save the pennies, (well lots of pennies), a dupe alternative could be your balance-saving answer. Enter Leather from CopyCat Fragrances. This is smooth, classy and has a badass edge thanks to woody, warm spicy notes of olibanum and that obligatory leather. It's long-lasting with refined saffron and jasmine notes which provide this gorgeous scent with a welcoming aromatic facet. Perfect for days when it's too warm to wear a jacket but you feel that you want to accessorise with some leather and really make a great impression on the noses around you. 

Buy Leather, Inspired by Tuscan Leather Perfume | Copycat Fragrances UK

Animalistic, Aromatic and Alluring Men's Aftershave: Dior - Sauvage 

Sauvage is a designer fragrance that is in touch with it's wild side, inspired by the beautiful yet unrelenting forces of nature. Sauvage presents itself as stunning with the magnetism of a cascading waterfall that glows a shade of emerald blue, demonstrating its sheer power. Whilst admiring it, simultaneously you know it must be respected. Cheap, affordable prices and up-market, designer fragrances aren't usually associated with one another. They're like two people who are chalk and cheese and don't want to enter the room at the same time because of their differences. Guys, hold onto your hats and wallets. Aldi have formulated their own budget Sauvage-inspired fragrance for those searching for the ever elusive combination of high quality at minimal cost. This is Ferocious, hear it roar. Ferocious has often sold out online as it's in demand. So, you might need to take a trip to your closest Aldi store, hopefully you get lucky and snap yourself up a bottle! 

Lacura Ferocious Eau De Toilette - ALDI UK

One of the Best Cheap Aftershaves for a Date: Paco Rabanne - One Million 

Every man wants to feel like a million dollars and every man wants to smell like a million dollars. Paco Rabanne made this a reality with One Million, a scent that hit the high notes with men everywhere and became a solid favourite for much of the globe. Characterised by its bottle that resembles a bar of gold, it wasn't just the bottle itself but more so the luxurious contents that won pole position in many men's fragrance circulation. Whilst the cost of a bottle obviously isn't anywhere near quite as expensive as the name would suggest, it is still on the pricier end of the gradient for high street fragrance cost. A cheap dupe of this golden wonder would be fantastic, you say? Look no further. Match Fragrances have worked their magic and put together their own version called Rich Man. It includes a herbal and citrus focused layer of top notes, including peppermint, grapefruit and ruby mandarin. A perfect gathering of light notes which are easy on the nose and will give a discreet, enjoyable experience to anyone smelling them. This makes a great date night fragrance choice as it's not so overwhelming that it unduly invades nasal space of those in your vicinity. So your date will be able to enjoy their meal without tasting what you're wearing, save that for later! The heart notes work together like an orchestra of spice and floral fragrance notes that don't sound like they'd collaborate but when that spicy bouquet reaches your senses it's truly a little slice of heaven. Finally, Rich Man ends in the deep end, base notes that include amber, wood, patchouli and leather. These are deep, long enduring notes that will be there with you transforming into a mature, sensual smell well into any date or occasion. Because of Rich Man's delicious, sensuous evolution it will be able to help you to discreetly adjust the ambience throughout the night. Let the scent adjust the mood, you just need to turn off the lights...or leave them on. 

Inspired by One Million Perfume Aftershave Spray Dupe - Etsy UK

The Humble Signature Scent Option: Le Labo - Santal 33 

Fragrance brand Le Labo has firmly applied its down-to-earth stamp of character all over every aspect of the brand, from the demure packaging to its modest values. Oh that is except one thing, the price. Le Labo's top seller, Santal 33, is somewhat of a cult classic. Despite the eye watering figure that buys you a bottle of the humble brand with luxurious contents, many have paid the toll. If you yourself love the smell of Le Labo adorning your wrists so much that you're willing to exchange your wads of hard-earned cash, know that it doesn't have to be this way. 33 is CopyCat Fragrances' answer to Santal 33. It's an Eau de Parfum with undertones of understated, urban chic. The aromatic sandalwood contributes it's earthy, woody depths and the classical scent of leather adds a streak of sexy slickness. The quietly fiery cardamom notes provide the spice that gives this otherwise deep and brooding scent a little kick of heat. The laid-back nature of this men's aftershave makes it appropriate as an everyday use option. The detection of the demure spice and woodsy notes mean that you could also work it into your get-up for when hitting the town and painting it red. 

Buy 33, Inspired by Santal 33 Perfume | Copycat Fragrances UK

Eau de Parfum with Attitude: Carolina Herrera - Bad Boy le Parfum 

Carolina Herrera released their scent Bad Boy to appease the gourmand lovers, those who enjoy a splash of almost edible sensuality in their fragrance. Whilst the original has the more expensive mark-up, there are cheap men's fragrances that smell fairly on point as a dupe of this indulgent parfum. Here is one of the best. Fleur No.735 answered the collective need for an affordably priced men's fragrance option that smells just as delectable as the popular original but doesn't break the bank. Very much sugar and spice and everything nice, the various spicy notes turn up the heat as the cocoa really sweetens the deal. Woody notes give the scent a deep masculine flavour that will give your smellers a rather intense and enjoyable experience to savour. Regardless of whether you see yourself as a bad boy or not, wearing this you will smell like one. You might just like the outcome as people seemingly want to be around you long enough and close enough to enjoy the sensuality of your aroma. Prepare for compliments, lots of compliments. 

FLEUR No 735 inspired by BAD BOY Perfume-Dupes for Men, Eau de Parfum Spray 1 x 50 ml : Amazon.co.uk: Beauty

We hope that you found your perfect men's aftershave clone from this list. As guys we know how the right scent can really provide an air of confidence and masculinity, and often your outfit feels incomplete without it. Buying the right one can be like a needle in a haystack, especially with the slightly confusing names used in product descriptions. Eau de this, Eau de that. Would you know your Eau de Parfum from your Eau de Toilette? Or your Eau de Cologne from your Eau Fraiche? Read about the differences between them and how to find the ideal men's fragrances for you. Imagine looking at the breakdown of a fragrance's notes and knowing based on these ingredients whether you would like it or not. Imagine being able to 'blind buy' a fragrance and knowing that chances are, you're going to love it. Check out this guide for understanding the fragrance wheel, this the categories of notes that make fragrances up. By knowing what they are, you're more likely to pick the right scents for you without ever needing to smell them prior to buying them. 

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