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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Spending More Time at the Gym

Approximately 10.3+ million people in Britain, or roughly 15% of the population, are members of their local gyms. Regularly going to the gym helps people keep in shape, socialise with other like-minded individuals, and provides a much-needed change of scenery. If you've never set foot inside a gym in your life, you might want to consider joining one to improve your health and wellbeing or complete a gym instructor course to work in one. But, you're wondering whether it's worth the time and expense? Being a member of your local gym offers a broad range of benefits. If you're on the fence as to whether you should become a gym member, take a look at the following ten reasons to help you change your mind:

1. You’ll Feel Healthier 

The most significant advantage of joining a gym is how you will feel healthier. Gyms have an array of equipment you can use to keep fit and lose weight; some may even have swimming pools for water-based exercises. What's more, gyms usually have lessons or clubs you can attend where you can join like-minded gym goers and follow a structured fitness and exercise plan. You could even hire a personal trainer and have them attend your gym visits with you for a more personalised training regime. 

2. Your Mental Health Will Improve 

Do you have concerns about your mental health? Perhaps you struggle with yours due to various reasons? You might not know it, but spending some time at your local gym each week will help you improve your mental health. Irrespective of whether you're using barbells or working up a sweat on the treadmill, your brain is constantly working towards something positive. The upshot of that is these new exercise patterns will promote a calmer lifestyle, have a healthier mind and body, and could even be a natural alternative to taking antidepressant medicine!

3. You Might Want To Work There 

If you want to get a new job or a change of career, you might find the gym you frequent could be an excellent place to work. If the staff are always friendly and happy there, it might encourage you to become a member of staff there (and potentially get a discount on your membership!). Gyms employ all kinds of people, from receptionists to personal trainers. You could even work towards a level 2 fitness instructor certification while you're working there. 

4. You’ll Make New Friends 

Do you struggle to make new friends? Perhaps you have a busy life with work taking up much of your time, or many of your existing friends have moved far away or overseas? It's always a good idea to join a local social group where you can spend time with like-minded people who have similar interests to you. Joining a local gym is an excellent way to make new friends and you already have a shared interest with other gym goers: to lead a healthier lifestyle! 

5. Your Sleep Will Improve 

It's no secret that many people struggle with their sleep each night. Many reasons can cause insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns, ranging from stress and anxiety to unusual work shift patterns or using screens at night just before bedtime. Spending time at your local gym each week will help you improve your sleep and have more restful nights. That's because you're helping your immune system to operate at peak efficiency, and you will control stress and anxiety levels.

6. You’ll Feel More Energetic 

Some people often feel lethargic, even if they haven't done much physical work during their day. Did you know the reason for that is usually because they aren't getting enough physical exercise in their daily or weekly routines? When you join your local gym and spend time working out each week, you'll soon discover that your feelings of lethargy or tiredness go away. That's because physical exercise increases stamina and boosts your endorphin levels, resulting in a more energetic day. 

7. Your Metabolism Will Improve 

It's a well-known fact that physical exercise helps diminish body fat and increases muscle mass. Regularly spending some time at your local gym working out each week means you will improve your metabolism and cause calories to get burnt quicker. When you exercise regularly, you will increase your metabolic rate and find it easier to reduce fat from your body, resulting in a slimmer, more toned physique and, of course, a lower weight. The most obvious way of seeing such changes is being able to fit into smaller sized clothing! 

8. It Gets You Out Of The House 

Some people sadly don't spend much time socialising with their friends or engaging in fun activities with family members. As a result, they will more often than not spend lots of time at home. If that sounds like you, joining your local gym will mean you get out of the house more and lead a less sedentary lifestyle. You may even find you spend much of your time at the gym and hardly any at home if you go regularly!

9. You’ll Deal With Stress Better 

Stress is undeniably something that everyone experiences to varying degrees each day in their lives. If you feel like your stress levels are very high compared to other people you know, it's time to take positive steps to lower those levels. One practical way to achieve that goal is by spending some time working out at your local gym each week. Doing so will increase your adrenaline and endorphin levels, leading to a happier life. 

10. It Will Help You With Your Work 

As strange as it might sound, joining your local gym and exercising there regularly means you are more productive at work. Why? The answer is simple: exercising increases blood flow to the brain and improves your cognitive skills. As a result, you'll feel more productive and efficient in your work, whether you work in an office or have a physically demanding job, such as delivering products to customers or working on construction sites.

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