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5 Reasons Why Aston Martin Should Be Your Next Luxury Car

People enjoy spending money in many different ways. Some like to spend it on travel. They can visit cities like Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, and more. Others might spend their money on yachts or collect expensive items. Many wealthy individuals like spending their cash on cars, though. They’re fun to collect because you can drive them instead of just admiring them like you might do with other rare or expensive objects that will sit in a display case in your home. If you have money to spend and you’re looking at high-end luxury cars on the market, be sure to check out Aston Martin. We’ll talk about these vehicles and why you may want one in the following article.

You Can Feel Like James Bond 

If you like movies, you might realize that you’ve seen Aston Martin models before, though you may not have necessarily recognized them. These cars experienced newfound notoriety after appearing in James Bond movies like 1964’s Goldfinger. That was the first Bond movie, and it featured the Aston Martin DB5. Later, Aston Martins appeared in other Bond movies, such as Thunderball, Golden Eye, Skyfall, Spector, Casino Royale, and Tomorrow Never Dies. The car became practically synonymous with the character. If you buy an Aston Martin, you can feel like the iconic gentleman spy, and you’ll also find auto body shops around the world that service them. You can get your Aston Martin serviced today at a reputable dealership, whether you’re in the USA, England, or elsewhere. When you drive around in one, you can pretend you’re Bond, about to have an adventure or engage in some flirtation with a mysterious stranger at the bar. Just remember to get your martini shaken, not stirred.

They Come in Several Iconic Models 

You will also find that if you look at some of the Aston Martin models on the market currently, you can choose between some of the finest luxury cars the world has to offer. For example, you might go with Bond’s DB5, but that model will cost you about $1.3 million in excellent condition. If you've got that much to spend, go for it. If you want something with more modern flair, you might go with a DB7 Vantage from 1999. The V8 Vantage that hit the market in 2005 has many admirers, as does the DBS from 2007. The DBS Superleggera from 2018 is another worthy choice. The newest Aston Martin model, the 2023 Vantage, goes for $143,900, a veritable bargain when you compare it to some of the vintage models we’ve mentioned. Some of the older models can go for $2.7 million at rare care shows. However, though you’re looking at a significant price tag for even the more recent versions, you’ll garner serious envy from friends, neighbors, and family members with one of these vehicles. Their expressions when you pull up in one of these vehicles might make the price worth it. 

You Can Own History 

If you get a new Aston Martin model, you’re sure to love it, but if you get an older, collectible version, that’s part of history. Earlier, we mentioned how you can use your extra money to purchase collectibles. You can’t drive a Babe Ruth baseball card, though, or an ultrarare Superman comic book. You can take your Aston Martin out on the road, and when you do, you’ll know you’re driving one of history’s most memorable and noteworthy cars. You can turn heads like nobody else can when you drive a vintage Aston Martin. Of course, if you take it out on the road, something might happen to it, but many collectors feel like you should own cars only if you’ll enjoy them. Keeping yours in a garage where it's out of sight isn’t much fun.

You Can Make Date Nights Amazing 

If you’re dating someone new, it’s hard to impress them more than driving up in an Aston Martin. If you show up at their house in a DB5, their jaw will drop. They’ll know you’re a person of means and substance. You can take your date to a fine restaurant and open the door for them to show you have good manners and know how to respect them. Hopefully, they care about you for more than your money, but it doesn’t hurt to reveal that you have it. You’re starting in an advantageous position if you show that you enjoy life’s finer things. Your date will probably feel like they want to know more about you. An expensive car might feel ostentatious, but there’s no doubt it will attract some individuals who otherwise wouldn’t give you the time of day. 

You Can Test Its Impressive Speed 

If you buy an Aston Martin, you’re getting a vehicle known for its luxury but also its speed. You can’t very well take it up to top speeds in the inner city, or you could endanger yourself or others. If you can find a place where you can open it up and see what it can do, though, you’ll likely experience a thrill unlike any other. Some Aston Martin owners feel its awesome power and compare it to an amusement park ride. If you can take it out on the Autobahn in Germany, for instance, and you slam down on the gas pedal, you can drive as fast as you want. The government recommends that you go about 80 miles per hour, but you can legally go as fast as you like in the de-restricted sections. Just imagine how fast you can go if you take your Aston Martin there. Maybe it is not the world’s most practical car, but in that situation, you will definitely feel alive. If you are experiencing any sadness or depression, that will likely dissipate when you feel the wind roaring past you. Not everyone can get an Aston Martin, but those who do seldom regret it.

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