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How to Pull Off a Fashionable Dad Look

The typical dad look does not inspire any sense of fashion, does it? A polo shirt tucked into a pair of brown khaki shorts, with heavy feet wrapped with cotton socks and resting in a pair of style-less sneakers is close to what most dad-fashion looks like. Of course, many dads are more preoccupied with being amazing fathers to bother too much about styling their daily looks. But being a dad does not mean you should be completely out of touch with fashion. So, are you looking to pull off a more stylish dad appearance? Here are some tips to get you started.

Stock up on some key fashion pieces 

There’s no need to start investing in a ton of stylish clothes and fashion accessories, as you only need a few key pieces in your wardrobe to start dressing and looking stylish. For example, you can get some trendy men’s wax jackets for your outerwear, a black suit, a trendy cap to replace the dad baseball cap, neat nicely-fitting white Tees, and a pair of trendy blue jeans are just a few of the staples you should stock up on.

40 Colori
40 Colori

Know your size 

Most dads put on extra weight after the kids come into the picture. This is generally the case, but you may want to check your measurements again if that’s you. If you’ve noticed an increase in your weight, you need to start purchasing the right size. This also applies if you’ve lost weight. Wearing clothes that don’t fit isn’t a good idea, no matter how stylish they are. 

Opt for a neutral look 

This is not to suggest that colourful prints and patterns are off-limits, but it’s better to play things safe by opting for a more neutral look. Aside from the usual black and white, you can consider colours like olive green, navy, grey, air blue, cream, etc. While these are different colours, they’re not very attention-grabbing and are easy to pull off. So, it’s time to drop those crazy printed socks and ties for the ones with neutral colours. Also, it’s best to stick with traditional patterns while avoiding too many textures.

David Gandy Wellwear
David Gandy Wellwear

Grow a beard 

Grow a clean and well-trimmed beard, and you’ll be amazed by its immediate impact on your fashion style. If you already have a beard, you need to keep it neat and well-groomed at all times. You can aim for different beard lengths, depending on your look. For example, a beard length of about 2 - 3mm will give you a more fashionable mid-length look, while something less than 2 mm will give off a hint of a subtle shadow look. But you can also go for a heavier stubble with something between 4 - 5 mm. 

Accessorise the right way 

The right accessories can bring a boring outfit to life. So, invest in accessories like a simple wristwatch, a signet ring, and a bracelet. You can also add a necklace if you prefer or purchase a classy hat to hide your baldness. But regardless of what type of accessories you prefer, do not wear too many of them with one outfit.

Raymond Weil
Raymond Weil
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