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All Over Body Care for Men

These days no one bats an eyelid when it comes to men using moisturiser and caring for their skin and appearance, and rightly so. While there are many great facial skincare routines out there for men, what should you look out for when it comes to looking after the other parts of your body? After all, the skin is the largest organ and it's only fair to take good care of it too. Stress, intense gym sessions, time outdoors, and life's general wear and tear can be a lot for your skin to cope with. The saying goes, that great skincare starts from within, however, there are a few methods and tips that men should also know about so you can keep your skin as healthy as possible.

Sun protection is essential 

First things first, sun cream is the name of the game and not only during the summer months. UV damage is a real issue and can speed up the ageing process of your skin if you don't protect your body from the sun's rays. So, take sun safety to heart. This means that all body parts that are exposed to the sun, not just your face, should be creamed in generously with sun cream. Pay special attention to the shoulders and the back of the neck, as these areas are more prone to burning. Staying out of the midday sun is a good idea as sun rays can be more harmful around that time and don't forget to reapply sun scream regularly especially if you have been swimming or sweating a lot.


Getting ready in the morning 

For some guys their morning routine is quick and simple while others might like to take their time. Whatever your preference there are a few quick and easy ways to look after your body's skin daily. 

Shower time 

A hot shower can be soothing to stand under, however, it's not that good for your skin. Hot water can make your skin, tight, itchy, and flaky as it tends to strip skin of its natural oils. For healthier skin keep the water warm not hot. Another way to benefit your skin when taking a shower is to alternate between hot and cold. Start by showering cold for one minute and then turn the shower to hot for the next minute, repeat this 3 times. Alternating the temperature is not only a great way to relax tight and sore muscles, as it helps to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue and decreases inflammation, but it can also improve circulation which is great for the skin and the deeper tissue. If your thermostat isn't what it once was and you find that your shower could do with an upgrade think about installing a new shower thermostat from GROHE, which is ideal for greater temperature control when showering.

An alternative to soap 

A simple bar of soap may not be the best way to clean your body especially if you are prone to dry skin. A moisturising shower gel might be a better pick. If you really don't want to say goodbye to soap then opt for one that has moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil, glycerin, or shea butter. These natural ingredients will keep your skin from drying out. 

Pat dry 

Be gentle to your skin, especially when drying yourself off after a shower. Don't excessively rub your skin dry with a rough towel, as this is a sure-fire way to irritate your skin. Try and pat your skin dry instead. 


Moisturising does make a difference; some areas of the body are prone to dry patches, especially elbows and knees. Moisturising your body after a shower is a great way to help soothe and hydrate dry skin. Keeping skin supple and moisturised will also help keep skin firm in the long run.

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