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How To Treat Low Testosterone: 4 Useful Tips

One of the first things that come to mind when someone mentions a typical strong male is testosterone. That's probably because it is the primary male sex hormone and plays a major role in the adolescence of every man. Men who have healthy levels of testosterone are usually very strong and masculine. Additionally, this hormone plays a significant role in physical development. But the reality is, sometimes the levels of testosterone can be very low and that's something that strikes a lot of men. Then they normally start feeling very frustrated, which is completely understandable, however, you shouldn't despair too much because there are a plethora of ways you can treat low testosterone. If you're wondering what is testosterone called on a testosterone test, it is usually listed as 'total testosterone' or 'free testosterone' on the lab report.

Have You Heard Of Testosterone Therapy? 

If the answer is no, then stay with us, because we will discuss it briefly below. What do we know about it? Namely, it is a widely utilized treatment for men who suffer from symptomatic hypogonadism. Many studies have proven in the past that precisely this treatment turned out to be very effective in treating men with this issue. Various benefits of TRT include increased energy levels and libido, positive impacts on bone density, muscle, and strength and it even provides cardioprotective effects. But where can you receive this treatment? There are many clinics out there that offer it, but if want to effectively combat this issue that negatively affects men’s health in Phoenix you can come across various experts that have managed to successfully treat low testosterone. It's worth a try if you do not see it any other way.

Work On Improving Your Diet 

Eating a healthy diet is generally recommendable and it can also positively impact your testosterone levels in two different ways: 

- It promotes both a healthy weight and weight loss 

- It decreases the chance of blood sugar spikes 

Why is this important? Namely, men who are seriously overweight usually have issues with testosterone. Moreover, excess abdominal fat particularly can be a huge culprit. Having this type of fat usually leads to higher production of the enzyme widely known as aromatase which turns testosterone into estradiol which then lowers a man’s testosterone levels. Therefore, if you are yearning to increase testosterone levels, yet you are obese, then you must start implementing a healthier lifestyle, eating low-fat, yet nutritious foods. So what are you supposed to consume during this process? A vast majority of health experts will tell you that your diet should incorporate fruits, veggies, whole-grain carbohydrates, lean protein (like fish and chicken), and healthy fats in moderation. Bear in mind, that the main goal of a healthy diet is to elevate your testosterone levels. But remember, that you should drastically decrease (or it would be even better if you eliminated it completely) things like simple, refined carbs, such as the ones found in unhealthy junk food like chips. This type of food is generally very bad for your overall well-being and in these instances can cause spikes in your blood sugar and can seriously lower free testosterone levels. 

Consider Having Some Supplements 

Supplements can never replace a proper diet because that’s one of the most effective ways to successfully treat this condition, however, in some instances, when a person has malabsorption problems, supplements simply must be used. First things first, you should go to your healthcare provider to check your vitamin D levels. If they are low, then you should purchase a vitamin D supplement. Besides that, it also wouldn’t hurt to spend fifteen to twenty minutes a day sunbathing because that’s something that can also increase your testosterone levels. Do this several times a week, especially now when summer is still here and it’s mostly sunny during the day. Of course, if you have a history of skin cancer, then it would be advisable to speak to your physician first. Besides this supplement, you should also consider taking the ones that contain magnesium, zinc, and maybe multi-vitamins (depending on your diet).

A Good Night’s Sleep Is Very Important 

It has been proven a lot of times before that the levels of this hormone increase as we sleep, which is why a lot of men who are frequently sleep deprived usually have lower levels of testosterone. It would be best if you have at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. No matter how pessimistic you may be about your current health situation, as you can see, there are so many simple, yet effective ways you can change things for the better, so give them a try.

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