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6 Top Grooming Tips Directly from Experts

Let’s be honest - looking good is on every man’s wish list. Grooming is one of the main preoccupations of every man wanting to be impeccable at work or, in everyday activities. Whether you recognise it or not, dressing plays an important role when it comes to someone’s first impression of you. We know that exterior appearance should be put second, but - surprise - it’s not. The thing is that your presentation conveys an aura and highly contributes to other people’s perceptions. But looking groomed is not only about others - it’s about you. Being well-groomed gives you that dose of confidence one sometimes might lack. Not to mention that it’s just more hygienic. So, if other individuals’ opinions and your self-confidence don’t represent strong reasons to look after your appearance, you should take into consideration at least the hygiene aspect. If you’re wondering where to start, here we give you all the details, so there’s no need to get discouraged. Hence, read on to find the most helpful and valuable tips that come directly from the professionals.

Carry a Groomed Beard 

Beards definitely matter, but not many know to what extent. It literally says more about you than any other piece of clothing or jewellery. If your beard is unhealthy, one might interpret that you’re negligent about your appearance, which you don’t want. Growing and maintaining a healthy beard is by no means easy, so you have to be patient because results don’t come overnight. Just as you take exceptional care of your face and body, so should you take care of your beard.

Cleanse It Rigorously 

First and foremost, you must wash it regularly to remove dead skin, dirt, pollution, and oil. If you deal with dandruff, consider using an appropriate shampoo. Be also mindful of choosing a non-comedogenic cleanser to avoid itchiness. And remember to select a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Thus, if you have acne-prone or oily skin, it’s advisable to use a cleanser with glycolic or salicylic acid as an active ingredient. Supposing your skin is dry, be sure you choose a product with hyaluronic acid or ceramide to nourish your skin (and beard) properly. 

Use Proper Tools 

Second, ensure you use the right beard care tools. Cleansing is crucial, but it’s not enough. More often than not, you’ll need products like conditioners, moisturisers, sun protection factors, oils, and brushes. It might sound like a lot, but to have a well-groomed beard, you need all of these and not only. Grooming masters like Ben Vowles and Top ‘TJ’ Hunt recommend using a quality beard trimmer to properly shave, shape, and trim your beard (or moustache). Some of the top picks in beard trimmer brands include Braun, Phillips, and BaByliss, so if you’re looking for gadgets to take care of your beard, expect to find something for all pockets.

Dress Neat and Classic 

When it comes to your suit or shirt and pants choices, ensure they’re impeccable. What does this mean? It means you should wear freshly laundered and neatly pressed clothes that fit your size, style, and the context you wear them. It might sound complicated, but the result is worth the effort if you pay attention to these details. A general rule to consider when building an outfit involves the shirt’s armhole falling smooth on the shoulders and the sleeve’s cuffs not surpassing the wrists. It’s also critical to understand your industry’s dressing code and act accordingly. If you have a corporate position, pay attention to how the other team members dress. Working in hospitality? Then you can’t expect to wear casual clothes when there’s a dressing code to follow. Suppose you have an interview for an office position. In this case, how you present yourself from the very first day can dictate your future in that company. Thus, consider wearing a light-coloured or neutral shirt and have your shoes polished. While it’s essential to have a personal style that stands out, it’s more advisable to follow the dressing code if there’s one. This way, your prospective employer will be impressed and eager to hire someone like you. Clothes can, without a doubt, help you in a job interview, but you must meet several criteria to get the job. Good knowledge in the field, a bit of experience, and self-confidence are some of the most valued aptitudes by employers and HR agents. According to LegalRecruitmentAgencyUK.co.uk, you should also seek help from a professional legal recruiter to find your dream job. Apart from dressing code, these experts can teach you many valuable tips and polish your CV to stand out in the eyes of every employer out there. 

Choose Your Fragrance Wisely 

While it’s absolutely fine to use aftershaves and colognes after shaving, learn that they’re not enough to blow away passers-by. Masculine perfumes of woody or herby scents are a safe choice no matter the occasion, so consider looking for such notes when purchasing a perfume. However, you may want a signature scent to be truly noticeable. Options like Blue Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea by Acqua di Parma, Ombré Leather by Tom Ford, and Santal by Le Labo are perfect for every man looking for that dose of masculinity, freshness, and power in a perfume, but to make them a signature, consider combining them with the right moisturiser, aftershave, and cologne. You might have heard it before, but factors like lotions, aftershaves, and colognes can influence the perfume’s fragrance and how others perceive it.

Look After Your Hands 

Last but not least, take good care of your hands, as they’re the first contact point, whether you take a lady to her seat or just firmly handshake. Hands are literally the centre of attention and, in some cases, the first thing people look at when first meeting you. In other words, you must groom them well to make a great first impression. In this case, your best friends are nail scissors, brushes, moisturisers and scrubbers. Ensure you trim and polish your nails regularly and remove dirt that may appear after physical activities. You surely don’t want to seem like the type of man who doesn’t care, so consider this a written rule to follow rigorously.

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