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Fitovers: How to Pick the Right One

Sun protection is essential to healthy living, but it's not always easy to find a pair of sunglasses that fit over your prescription glasses. Fitovers are a great way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while still being able to see clearly when you're outside. But how do you find the best one for you?

What are Fitovers? 

Fitovers are prescription sunglasses that you wear over your regular glasses. They are designed to fit on top of your prescription eyewear and provide protection from the sun and its UV rays. This makes them ideal for people who already wear glasses and don't want to purchase prescription sunglasses every time they need a new pair. Fitovers can be used anytime you’re outside and still need to wear prescription glasses. The great thing about them is that they can be worn in almost any situation, saving you loads of time and money.

How Do Fitovers Work? 

Fitovers are designed to be used with prescription lenses inserted into the frames. The fitover lens sits on top of the prescription lens, and is held in place by a small plastic clip that fits over each earpiece. When you want to take off your glasses, you must unclip each side and remove both lens sets simultaneously. This can be done quickly, but you just need to remember which way your lens set goes. After all, no one wants scratches on their prescription lenses because they were upside down when removed! 

Choosing the Right Style 

One of the most important things to do is decide on a style for frames that fit your needs. First and foremost, you want to choose a style that fits your lifestyle. If you spend most of your time outdoors or in the gym, consider a more durable frame like titanium. Simple glass frames are great if you want something lightweight and elegant, while plastic makes sense if you need something cheaper but still stylish. It all depends on what you do in your daily life and how you need the style to work in with it.

Choosing the Right Size 

The next step to picking the right fitover is determining the size of your prescription glasses. If you have small frames, you’ll want to get a smaller fitover. This will allow for more room around your prescription glasses so that it doesn't feel like a bulky piece of plastic is sitting on top of them. If you have large frames, you should get a larger fitover to avoid squinting and having to push your glasses back into place every time you take off the fitover. The key is finding a balance between getting enough coverage while still being able to see clearly when you’re wearing both pairs of glasses at once. Fitovers are designed to be worn over prescription glasses, so they don't sit directly on top of them as regular sunglasses do. So if your frames leave little room for adjustment or movement, like some rimless eyeglasses, then it's possible that the fitover won't work well. To check if the fitover is right for you, put them on as you would prescription glasses, then hold them straight out in front of you and look through the lenses. If they are spaced correctly, you can see all around the edges without any blockage. 

Finding the Best Fitovers 

The most important things to remember when choosing a pair of fitovers are to choose a style that is flattering to your face shape and to make sure they are the right size, so they don't slip off or pinch uncomfortably at any point during wear.

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