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The Gear Patrol Podcast: A View on the Culture Surrounding Men’s Clothes

The Gear Patrol podcast is the perfect content to listen to for getting the full story of the products you usually use. From clothes and footwear to sportswear and gadgets, you’ll get the chance to have a new perspective on men’s fashion. The host, Nick Caruso, posts content weekly and writes articles about cars, clothes and gear products. Interested? Let’s see what makes this podcast special.

What’s the podcast about? 

In 2021, on the 2nd of March, Nick introduced the Gear Patrol podcast to the world. He described the podcast as insight into “the ideas and culture that surround [products] and bring them to life". Besides him, the Gear Patrol podcast also invites numerous figures to discuss and debate what they know best about product culture. Alongside the fun and intelligent people, Nick addressed sustainability issues, streetwear, ergonomic solutions for workers and technology.

What does the podcast add to men’s lives? 

The podcasts provide knowledge for men who are on their first fashion journey. One of the most exciting podcasts is called “These Are the Building Blocks to a Great Wardrobe”, on which Evan Malachosky, an associate editor, breaks down the fundamentals of a complete wardrobe. Some things worth mentioning include: 

- Men’s footwear essentials: long-lasting boots, dad shoes, loafers, sandals and more; 

- Tops: Rugby shirts, casual Polo, vintage T-shirts; 

- Accessories: bucket hats, woven belts, simple jewellery, fragrances and watches. 

You’ll see that Nick is passionate about watches and will often discuss the most interesting facts about them, like the John Mayer x Hodinkee x Casio G-Shock collab from last year. In one episode, he also talked about where sweaters come from and how you can choose sustainable and qualitative pieces. Another interesting video about watches teaches you how to make the difference between a real watch and a fake one. The host invites a few people who are passionate about watches, trying to differentiate between authentic and inauthentic products. What’s the bottom line? Genuine watches tend to be heavier as they are made of high-quality materials. 

What other subjects does the host talk about? 

As we said before, the Gear Patrol podcast isn’t all about fashion but also cars. For example, the hosts will break down the features of the best cars in America or discuss tech cars from CES (Consumer Electronic Show), showing what cars could look like in the future, from improved dynamics to flying taxis. Why is it so important to talk about cars? Well, since there are so many models on the market made for specific audiences, choosing a vehicle that fits your requirements is essential. You might want a faster car or one that provides the most safety because, as you may know, car accidents are the most common cause of injuries worldwide. What’s worse is that some of them can get misdiagnosed, like the whiplash injury, which is usually not treated properly. For such an issue, people can make a medical negligence claim to get compensation for the losses suffered.

Why should you give this podcast a try? 

Sometimes, young men face different challenges in finding their own style. But clothes aren’t the only thing worth talking about, and that’s why this podcast offers much more insight on essential things in life, such as: 

- Knowledge for life’s pursuits: talking about how to fuel for a bike ride, how to season food or how to take care of your belongings; 

- Fitness: products you need in order to avoid injuries, eco-conscious gear and how to train for marathons; 

- Culture: how to enjoy certain foods and drinks that are more sophisticated or getting into certain products’ manufacturing processes; 

- Home products: how to choose the best furniture or what to look out for in a new home. 

The podcast also allows more people to share their thoughts, which will give you an objective view on things, so you can make your own opinions about a certain product based on the person who reviews it. It’s important to gain general knowledge about your environment, so you can truly see how the world operates, which is what you can learn from this podcast. What’s great about this podcast is that you’ll always find the link to the products mentioned in the description and some featured and related sources if you want to get in-depth with your research on cars, clothes or devices. The length of the podcasts varies, and you can find them on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Audible, but they also post content on their YouTube channel. Moreover, you can find the Gear Patrol in the form of a physical magazine that you’ll receive twice per year (for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer). In 160 pages, you’ll get into seasonal trends, expert buying advice and rich maker profiles. You can find everything you want to know about cars, watches, whiskey and fashion in Gear Patrol Magazine. 

Breaking barriers 

Although the podcast isn’t all about fashion, it still incorporates it as an essential part of a man's life. Recently, a fascinating article from Vogue put things into perspective regarding men’s fashion with a Gucci-sponsored exhibition called “Fashioning Masculinities: The Art of Menswear”. The show slightly critiqued the Western archetypes of the male body, as men are required to look like the Greek and Roman stereotypes. The normalisation of hyper-masculinity has made people lose their focus on what’s vital besides good-looking bodies and clothes that are “manly”. The show also focuses on minimising the stereotypes around men because toxic standards have modelled masculinity. But as times change, men must embrace their personalities and self-determination without fearing social constraints. For example, most men can agree that pink or red is a feminine colour to wear, while darker colours are best for someone that’s masculine, which is totally wrong. True men can wear whatever they want because even though you can express yourself through fashion, it’s wrong to be judged and categorised by your clothing style.

We think that Gear Patrol has a lot of things to share with men, which is why we recommend this podcast to everyone who wants to adopt a conscious lifestyle.

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