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Why You Should Remove Your Moles

A mole is a simple type of skin growth that can occasionally occur on your skin. They are often dark brown if not black, and most of them appear on your skin whenever you are a child. Most moles are harmless and they often give your skin some personality, the same way that freckles would. However, some moles can be dangerous and people might want to have their moles removed for all sorts of reasons. Here’s everything you need to know about moles, as well as why you might want to have them removed from your skin as you get older.

How Do Healthy Moles Work? 

Moles can develop everywhere on the body and many people have about ten to fifty moles on their body. Moles might become darker or larger as you grow up, and they will be mostly be brown or black with a oval or round shape. Plus, they are very small as well, and for the most part aren’t anything to worry about until you see strange moles popping up on your skin.

What About Unhealthy Moles? 

A mole can be a cause of skin cancer or meleanoma if it either has irrgular borders or a strange shape, or if it starts to change. If you notice a mole that changes in color, shape, size, or height, then you might need to keep an even closer eye on it. Dangerous and cancerous moles can have changes in only shape or color, while other moles might have tons of rapid changes. If you notice that a mole on your body is growing or looks unusual, then you will need to see a mole removal London dermatology clinic to inspect the mole and make sure it is nothing unusal. Large moles can very easily cause melanoma cancer, which can cause a lot of problems if you notice a very large mole growth on your back or legs, or anywhere else on the body. Melanoma is caused by intense exposure to ultraviolet light in people who have low melanin in their skin. If your melanoma can be caught before it is grown fully and has spread through more of the body, then it is traditionally removed through surgery as well. Just make sure to get any moles checked out, because in terms of skin cancer melanoma is the most dangerous. 

Why Do Moles Need To Be Removed? 

Most moles don’t need to be removed or need to be treated. However, some people are self conscious about their moles due to where they are on the body. If you have a mole on your face or neck, or any other place where it is clearly visible, then some people will seek to have it removed for just cosmetic reasons. Still, if you find that your mole is growing and has some suspicious changes around it, then you might need to have it surgically removed. This can be done by a dermatologist and it takes only a short period of time. The dermatologist will numb the area around the mole, and then will cut it out and remove both it, and some of the healthy skin around it. This might leave a scar, but it can remove a cancerous mole. Laser hair removal can also work on moles as well, where light is used to remove the blemish on your skin. Other ways to remove moles include using heat and cold procedures as well.

Removing A Cancerous Mole 

If it has been confirmed that your mole is cancerous, then the dermatologist might perform one other type of procedure, where they perform an excision on your mole. This procedure goes deep under the skin and then pushes your skin apart to remove the cancerous mole and then stitch the skin back together. 

Always Make Sure To Remove A Mole With A Dermatologist 

Whether you need to move a mole that is cancerous or a mole that is cosmetic in nature, you should always make an appointment with a dermatologist in order to complete the procedure. At home methods to remove moles have been proven not to work, and you need to work with a certified dermatologist to ensure that your mole is removed correctly. If you notice strange moles on your body, especially after you have been exposed to a high volume of ultraviolet light, then you need to see a dermatologist and get checked out right away. The faster you can catch the problem and remove the mole, the better it will be for you.

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