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September 2022’s Best Men’s Grooming Drops

Summer, it was fun whilst it lasted. As the days began to draw shorter and the days became cooler, I’ll missed the heat, but not trying to sleep in it. As we all begin the transition into an Autumn wardrobe, why not give your grooming regime a revamp too. Perhaps I can give you some inspiration with my picks of the best in grooming for September.

Wake Facial Cleansing Gel 

We all need a little help to start the day, right? Well rise, shine and kick start your skin's day with the new Facial Cleansing Gel from Wake. Formulated with Aloe Vera to soothe your skin and Citric Acid to help reverse signs of damage and even your skin tone. The gel quickly turns into a foam, leaving my skin feel clean and invigorated, ready to start the day. The Wake range also includes Face Cream, Eye Gel and Face Mask. 

Available from Wake Skincare - £12.99


Buly Mint Coriander Cucumber Toothpaste 

Despite my groundless dislike of cucumber, Buly have performed a miracle and created a toothpaste that I don’t only enjoy, but love! Presented in an aluminium tube, which I believe is the coolest way to present a product, there’s just something about it that screams style and function. The toothpaste is fluoride free and offers a fresh and elegant palette cleansing feel after use. Will this result in a newfound love for cucumber? Watch this space! 

Available from Buly - €20


Electimuss Imperium 

After having the opportunity to sample the impressive and substantial range of fragrances from London based fragrance brand Electimuss, who’s fragrances are inspired by the eternal city of Rome. My pick of the line is Imperium, a fragrance that gives a nod to popular men’s fragrances then goes its own wonderful way. A glorious combination of vanilla, bergamot, jasmine, lily and musk, a well-balanced combination of citrus, sweet and a strong wood base. Imperium would make a perfect Autumn addition to your fragrance collection. 

Available from Electimuss - £175


Flânerie Vivfying Facial Serum 

Flânerie are a new skincare brand, who encourage us all to take a moment for ourselves through skincare. My favourite product from the line is the Vivfying Facial Serum, which is lightly scented with pear, amber and lily. Featuring Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates and hydrates the skin, Jojoba Oil that nourishes and protects, and Lotus Seed Extracts which helps to balance sebum production. If you want to treat your skin this Autumn, this is a great place to start. 

Available from Flânerie - £43.40


Therapie Boost Natural Hair & Body Wash 

Therapie use aromatherapy to create wonderful products that soothe and relax. Boost Natural Hair & Body Wash uses peppermint to clear congestion, ashwagandha extract to stimulate hair and relieve stress, then finally lemon myrtle to open your lungs and increase blood oxygen levels. This makes it perfect for that morning you just can’t wake up, or a post workout shower to set you up for the day. Taking care of your mind is definitely part of a grooming routine. 

Available from Therapie - £20


Ormonde Jayne Gatsby 22 

The latest release from Ormonde Jayne, the luxury British perfume house is Gatsby 22. Inspired by perfumer Linda Pilkington’s favourite novel The Great Gatsby, taking you back to the 1920s and all the style and sophistication of the era. Gatsby 22 is a wonderful combination of lemon, orange blossom, violet, musk and vetiver. If you’re looking to add a classy scent to your rotation, then click the link below. 

Available from Ormonde Jayne - £110

Ormonde Jayne
Ormonde Jayne

Nick Hogan

Nick is also known as The Scented Gent and is a fragrance enthusiast and podcaster who shares his thoughts and experiences with the latest and greatest global male grooming, men's beauty and fragrance releases.

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